Pat McGrath Labs


Pat McGrath Labs' New Lip Balm Is This Winter's Most Luxurious Chapped-Lip Antidote

Meet the latest addition in the brand's holiday collection.

When it comes to lip products, Pat McGrath often chooses products with sparkle, color, and even Swarovski crystals. However, her latest launch is a departure from the norm, and arrives just in time to fend off a major winter beauty woe — the dreaded chapped lips.

The beauty brand released its Lust: Luxe Lip Balm, a $25 balm available in a sheer and pink color variation, that provide a touch of gloss, and a lot of moisture for the lips. Included as part of the ongoing series of Pat McGrath Labs holiday releases, the lip balm is packaged a circular container with 3-D gold lips on the top lid.

It's no secret that cooler weather often leads to dry, rough lips, but inside this small circular wonder is a product packed with hydration. The balm features a blend of soothing antioxidants and vitamins that will help repair, restore, and replenish even the most winter-damaged pouts. Only a single swipe of the balm is needed, but that doesn't mean you can't double up later in the day, adding to your shine.

Pat McGrath Labs has continued to release new lip-focused products throughout 2020. Along with a kit that enabled you to create a DIY crystal-covered pout, McGrath had teamed up with Supreme for a limited-edition radiant red lipstick.