Rare Beauty Responded To Patrick Starrr’s Controversial YouTube Review

“Everyone has different preferences with makeup”

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Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez has responded, after Patrick Starrr's recent YouTube review resulted in some pushback from fans. Following a YouTube review uploaded on September 6, some criticized Starrr for his thoughts. Now, Rare Beauty has stepped in, asking followers to "show nothing but love."

On September 3, Gomez launched Rare Beauty online and in Sephora stores. The collection features concealer, lipstick, eyebrow gel, and more. Following its release, Starrr had shared that while he felt generally favorable towards most of the products — particularly the concealer, liquid blush, and lip balm — he did share his preference for his ONE/SIZE beauty eyeliner.

In his review, Starrr had acknowledged that he's biased, and that his beauty needs aren't necessarily suited for what Rare Beauty offers. He pointed to the makeup's liquid-based products, saying he preferred a more caked and baked look.

Some had called the review "salty," and commentators had taken issue with Starrr's decision to highlight ONE/SIZE, a beauty brand he recently created and launched at Sephora. However, others defended Starrr, and agreed with him, commending the YouTuber for his "honest" approach.

On Thursday, September 10, Rare Beauty addressed the ongoing feedback regarding Starrr's video. "We’re so thrilled by all the great feedback on @rarebeauty so far! It’s so uplifting to see how much love and support we’re receiving from the community for our brand mission and our products," the brand tweeted. "But please remember that everyone has different preferences with makeup, and not everything is going to work for everyone. That’s okay! @patrickstarrr is such a positive voice in this community and an incredible creator and entrepreneur so let’s all show him nothing but love!"

Starrr later retweeted the response, adding, "Alexa play “Kill Em with Kindness” Love u @selenagomez congrats on the launch."

Despite the statement of support for Starrr from Rare Beauty, not necessarily everyone agrees with the brand's assessment of the review. "Him not liking certain products wasn’t the problem, it was the fact that he took it as an opportunity to promote his own products instead of being professional but we were respectful about it," one person responded. Others agreed, tweeting, "We're not upset about your review. We're upset about how you kept advertising/comparing your brand. It was supposed to be a video for rare beauty. It's your channel, you can advertise your brand all you want, but when the thumbnail says RARE BEAUTY its supposed to be about it."

However, others defended the YouTuber, writing, "Not everyone believes it was a bad review. I don’t. He actually said he loved some of the products and only said some did not suit him because he preferred more full coverage" and "I found ya review very insightful due to the fact that I’m more of a full coverage person as well, and I also use creams to hide my bearded area. @rarebeauty is a great brand but not all the products are for everyone."

Decide for yourself and watch the review, below.

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