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It's Bob Season For Gigi Hadid & Elle Fanning

Spring has sprung and long hair is gone.

Certain signs of spring come around every year like clockwork, like the first daffodils or the day you push your largest winter coat to the back of the closet. But this year, there’s a new harbinger of warm-weather energy: the freshly cut bob.

Over the past few weeks, celebrities have gone scissor-happy, chopping off their longer hair into short, bouncy cuts. First, Gigi Hadid posted a video of hairstylist Chris McMillan giving her a flippy bob. Then, Zendaya showed up at the Oscars swapping out her elaborate Dune: Part Two press-tour looks for a simple, side-swept bob with curled ends. Later that night, Sydney Sweeney revealed her surprising new chop at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party. The message is clear: Spring has sprung, and hair above the shoulders is in.

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Rapidly in succession, Halle Bailey jumped on the trend with her curly hair clearing her shoulders at a recent event in Atlanta, where the style complemented her strapless dress and choker necklaces. The latest to join the short-hair girl group is Elle Fanning, who just shared her new haircut by stylist Jenda Alcorn. The shorter length is the most dramatic hair change the actress has tried in years — and she seems to be loving it.

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A major chop signifies a fresh start that just feels right as we come out of winter, so we’re only left to wonder who will hop on the bandwagon next. Will it be a hair chameleon like Megan Thee Stallion, a long-hair lover like Olivia Rodrigo, or someone with a new film to promote like Emily Blunt? Only time will tell.