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The 7 Biggest Hair Trends Of Spring 2024

Bold and subtle changes for every personality.

Good hair can do it all — from providing a confidence boost or completing an outfit, to being a tool for total reinvention. But knowing that a simple haircut or color can have so much power, it can be daunting trying to figure out what’s your best next move.

If you need help deciding which direction to go, NYLON spoke to expert hair stylists and colorists to find out the hottest, trending ways to change up your hair this season. Spring 2024 comes with a lot of fun options to try, no matter how extreme or subtle you want to go. You can cut full bangs or just give your current cut a little texture. You can add in some sun-kissed highlights or try an unconventional color. Or you can simply flip your part and give yourself a whole different perspective. Whatever kind of change you’re craving, read on for the haircuts and colors that will have the most impact this season.

Blowout Haircuts

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As for the best new haircut of the season, L’Oréal Paris celebrity hairstylist and colorist Jennifer Yepez says layers are it. That’s the only way to get that ’90s-style bounce with your blowout and the level of volume everyone is obsessed with right now. “This trend was inspired by Cindy Crawford, and who doesn’t want to be a supermodel,” she says. And the best part of all, no matter your hair length, “It looks good on everyone. It’s fresh, young, and sexy,” Yepez adds.

Complementary Red Tones

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Red hair has been on mood boards for months, but there’s a reason it continues to feel exciting even heading into spring. Colorist Justin Anderson explains, “playing with red hues still feels adventurous, but wearable. That’s why we’re so hooked on it.” The range of options from black cherry to bright copper and strawberry, mean that anyone can take a jaunt into the red zone — and it doesn’t have to be more than one dial away from their previous hair color.

Classic Headbands

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When your haircut feels boring or if you’re over your grown-out bangs, throwing on a headband is an instant vibe (without permanent consequences). “I think everyone loves a headband that makes them look more put together and special,” says Yepez about this season’s biggest accessory. Start digging out your Gossip Girl era collection or grab a thick black headband from the drugstore — not only is it the easiest way to change up your hair, it’s also one of the cheapest.

Super Side Parts

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Side parts have been slowly creeping back into style, pretty much ever since they were declared dead by Gen Z in 2020, but spring 2024 is when we’ll start seeing them go even more extreme. It’s less about being a face-flattering style for Millenials, and more about creating a sultry femme fatale energy à la Camila Marrone — whose dramatically parted hair at the Golden Globes even covers one of her eyes.

Caramel Swirl

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Typically, when the weather gets warmer, hair colors start getting lighter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean totally blonde. Anderson predicts caramel is about to have a real moment as the best new brown. On darker brunettes, “it will give your hair a show-stopping pop of color and dimension without having to run to the salon every few weeks for maintenance,” he says. Colorist Rita Hazan also loves warm-toned toffee and honey highlights to give brunette hair light and bright contrast. Just ask your colorist to either blend the caramel color with a shadow root or opt for highlights for easier upkeep.

Pop Star Bangs

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When the coolest girls, from K-Pop band New Jeans to Zendaya, are all sporting bangs, the temptation to get snip happy is hard to resist. That’s okay — Hazan says just go for it this spring. “It’s a cliche, but bangs will give you a completely different look, which will make you feel fresh,” she says. Plus, adding bangs adds an effortless edge to your cut. “They even make a ponytail seem cooler and more finished,” she adds.

Tumblr Pink

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2014 is back in full force, from the music to the pastel hair dye. Kylie Jenner created a frenzy on Instagram when she posted a selfie featuring pastel pink hair reminiscent of her mid-2010s style. Since then Gabbriette has also tried out a cotton candy-colored wig and Megan Fox committed to the full dye job, so expect to see even more people embracing their inner internet teen this upcoming season.