The 8 Biggest Manicure Trends of Summer 2024

Bright shades, juicy finishes, and whimsical designs for your fingertips.

Kylie Jenner may just have been trying to show off her new Kylie Cosmetics wares on her TikTok, but the real star of her 30-second cream blush tutorial was actually her pastel chrome manicure, color-shifting and shimmering with her every hand movement. The look was everything summer nails should be — colorful, playful, and with a shiny finish that looks even better in the sunlight.

Summer 2024’s biggest nail trends are all delivering the same fun, vacation-ready opulence. Think juicy jelly nails, eye-popping colors, and metallic charms. Because whether you’re taking your mani on a trip to St. Tropez or just staring at your hands on your keyboard all day long, your summertime nails should still evoke a burst of joy. Read on for the eight summer nail color and art ideas that you’ll want to take straight to the salon this season.

Glossy Jelly Nails

Editorial nail artist Jin Soon says that jelly nails have a quality of lightness that feels refreshing for summer, as opposed to the deep colors and creamy polishes of other seasons. “The jelly-like appearance is both vibrant and soft,” Soon says, “the finish is perfect for creating a modern-looking manicure.” To better show off the translucent effect, adding a design to the nail (like airbrush art or even simple dots or lines) under the jelly top coat will really show off the depth of color.

Butter Yellow

We told you first: Butter yellow is going to be everywhere this summer. Painting your nails a soft lemon shade will add an instant dose of radiant positivity to every outfit.

Pastel Chrome

People have been all about chrome powder manicures ever since Hailey Bieber kicked off the glazed donut nail trend, but this season we’re getting a new summery spin on the look. Zola Ganzorigt (the originator of glazed donut nails) recently created this pastel chrome look for Kylie Jenner using a different base tone and chrome powder shade combo on every nail to give the most opalescent effect. For a similar look in a bottled polish, nail artist Miss Pop recommends Zoya’s iridescent nail polish in the shade Leia. “A shimmery summer mani is made to catch all the sun,” she says.

Orbiting Outlines

Forgo expected nail art in favor of a design focused on the outer perimeter of your nails. Outlining around the nail edge gives your manicure a futuristic dimensional look, but it’s also a surprisingly chic way to highlight elongated almond-shaped nails.

Radioactive Green

Courtesy of Brittney Boyce
Courtesy of Zola Ganzorigt
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One nail color you won’t be able to miss this summer is a vibrant green that is so bright, it almost looks like it gives off energy. (In fact, Hailey Bieber’s Coachella manicure does glow in the dark.)

The Flaming French

Courtesy of Brittney Boyce
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Nail artist Brittney Boyce says this Y2K-flame-design twist on a French manicure is going to be huge this summer. “It’s cool, but it’s not so out-there that people are intimidated to try it,” she says. Stick to classic French manicure-compatible white and pastel shades for a subtle look or go bold with bright colors and metallics for a more punk vibe.

Blues For Days

Miss Pop can’t get enough of blue nail colors in the summer. “Cobalt, baby, periwinkle, or with a shimmer — all the shades as long as they’re blue!” she says. If your mani is the same color as the sky, the sea, or stone (à la Alix Earle’s “stone nails”) you’re totally on trend.

3D Silver Charms

Courtesy of Brittney Boyce

You can give any nail color or design an edgier feel by accessorizing with jewelry-like metal embellishments, advises Boyce. A few properly placed studs, piercings, or baubles can take a chrome finish from space-age to heavy metal, or give a simple neutral mani a rock and roll flourish.