The Best Animal Crossing Beauty Codes To Diversify Your Game, From Acne To Couture Makeup Looks

Add some glam to your island.

Thanks to its in-game customization options, the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is officially yours to create. The best-selling Nintendo Switch title gives you the chance to create the island retreat of your dreams, right down to your hair and makeup. In case you've been too busy trying to catch a scallop for Pascal, here are the nine of the best Animal Crossing beauty codes you can try.

Amateur designers along with big names in beauty, including Tatcha and Givenchy, are making the most of their time on the island, unveiling new looks created using the game's customization tools. And thanks to online play and the island's always helpful Able Sisters, you can make use of custom creations from around the world, using just a design code.

Beauty isn't the only aspect of Animal Crossing that players, and professional fashion designers, have been quick to customize. Designers including Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson have unveiled custom Crossing options of their high fashion frocks, while Alo Yoga chose to unveiled its newest collection as part of Tatcha's special island retreat.

There's certainly no shortage of potential looks to try, and entire online communities and hashtags have been created for players looking to submit or try new designs. For those eager to diversify their island beauty offerings, you'll find nine of the best beauty codes to add to your game, below.

Best Animal Crossing Beauty Codes: Givenchy Beauty Heart Liner

Wear your heart on your face with this code created in collaboration between Givenchy Beauty and Nook Street Market. Choose from three different coloring options to add mini hearts to your face. As part of the Nook Street Mark and Givenchy collaboration, you can use additional codes to add lipstick or highlighter to your cheeks, too.

Best Animal Crossing Beauty Codes: Moon Cheeks

Instagram user @babe.island shared the codes for these custom designs, which add moons, strawberries, cherries or angel wings to the cheeks of your island dweller.

Best Animal Crossing Beauty Codes: Gillette Venus Skinclusive Collection

Gillette Venus collaborated with graphic designer, Nicole Cuddihy, on a collection of inclusive skin offerings. As part of the collection, you can outfit your characters with acne and freckles, or add some curves, stretch marks, or vitiligo. A complete lookbook of codes can be found online.

Best Animal Crossing Beauty Codes: Harley Quinn Makeup

Even if your daily island to-do list doesn't include getting back at the Joker, this Harley Quinn-inspired makeup is worth a download. Add hints of red and blue paint to your character's cheeks, and then pair it with an outfit also inspired by Harley.

Best Animal Crossing Beauty Codes: Sailor Moon Tiara

A talking cat isn't required to talk you through this transformation. Add Sailor Moon's signature tiara to your in game experience with this code from Instagram user @vee.designs.

Best Animal Crossing Beauty Codes: Side Bangs

Give your character the benefit of side bangs without all the unnecessary hassle that comes with bang upkeep.

Best Animal Crossing Beauty Codes: Freckles

Coordinate your freckles and your eyebrows with this code. Along with natural colors, including blonde and brown, there are fantasy color options, such as pink and teal.

Best Animal Crossing Beauty Codes: Baby Hairs

Add a touch of baby hairs to your Animal Crossing updo with this code, which covers multiple shades of hair.

Best Animal Crossing Beauty Codes: Split Bangs

A frequent hairstyle fave among celebs, two-toned hair can officially go virtual via this code.