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Troye Sivan’s Summer Just Got Even Busier With A New Rabanne Gig

The “Rush” singer was named the house’s first global makeup brand ambassador.

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Troye Sivan is Rabanne’s first global makeup brand ambassador — but instead of a simple press release and campaign reveal, the singer announced the partnership his own way.

In the official Instagram carousel that dropped the news, Sivan added a selfie video addressing his fans. “What’s up, guys?” he says, pursing his lips coyly and pointing at himself. “You’re looking at the new global makeup brand ambassador for Rabanne.”

According to a statement, Sivan’s first campaign as makeup ambassador is for The NUDES collection, “a next-generation beauty collection inspired by La Maison’s iconic fashion fabrics.” It takes full advantage of the Australian YouTuber-turned-pop-star’s “Angel Baby” eyes and lips to showcase the brand’s Glowies lip glosses and the brand’s best-selling Famous Mascara. But the NUDES collection is all about the house’s new Fresh Touch Foundation, a skin care-infused foundation available in 30 shades.

On July 7, Sivan teased the forthcoming announcement by posing in a chainmail stage look with a caption consisting only of a disco ball, a pair of chains, and explosion emojis, which he has reposted on Stories since the Rabanne announcement went public. Sivan has previously walked the Rabanne runway and made headlines in 2023 for wearing a chest piece by the label.

With this new gig, Sivan’s hottest summer yet continues: He’s midway through his Something To Give Each Other tour to promote his Grammy-nominated album of the same name before joining Charli XCX on a joint SWEAT tour later this fall.