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Anna Delvey Just Turned Her Latest Court Appearance Into A Fashion Preview

Working with Kelly Cutrone as OutLaw, the pair made a statement on sexism in the courtroom.

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Anna Delvey and Kelly Cutrone are back and rebellious as ever with another OutLaw event.

Since 2023, the duo have worked together as OutLaw, a pop-up fashion PR agency, mostly representing a young designer named Shao Yang for whom they staged a complete runway show out of Delvey’s East Village apartment while she was under house arrest. Earlier on May 16, the pair used Delvey’s court hearing to preview some new designs.

According to Page Six, Delvey wore “a custom SHAO New York black oversized twill suit with a high-waisted pencil skirt and a high slit paired with a white cotton button-down shirt with built-in shoulder pads and a silk velvet pussy bow.” Though the daring (by most judges’ standards) outfit can be seen as a tribute to Delvey’s hyperfixation with her courtroom style during her “Soho Grifter” trials, Cutrone told Page Six that it was also a statement on “discrimination in its most subtle and intriguing form.” “Why are we as women being asked to dress a certain way when we enter a courtroom, or a boardroom, or a dinner party?” she said. “Why are others trying to control our level of innocence based on what we wear? ... We have respect for the legal system and they should have respect for the fashion system.”

Janet Mayer/Shutterstock

The hearing-cum-preview is part of Delvey’s effort to appeal the terms of her house arrest, specifically the social media ban. Her immigration case is also pending as she continues her efforts to avoid deportation to Germany and remain in the U.S.

At the same time, she and Cutrone might also be staging a larger return to New York’s glitterati via a remotely hosted art show of her original work and a to-be-released reality-television show called Delvey’s Dinner Club. ICYMI, the unlikely twosome originally met when Cutrone’s daughter heard Delvey say on Call Her Daddy that Cutrone inspired her to move to New York; soon after, Cutrone reached out to Delvey. “I was so surprised that Kelly was even selling herself to me,” Delvey told Interview. “I was watching her show when I was still a teenager in Germany.” On Cutrone’s end, her interest in working with Delvey is “because she’s a genius. She understands media and brands and communication.”