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Bernie Sanders Was The Highlight Of The Inauguration

Twitter is still feeling the Bern to this day.

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The long-awaited inauguration day came and went, erecting a more than a few lasting images in its wake. I'm not here to talk about Kamala Harris' art school step daughter, Ella Emhoff, wearing Miu Miu, or Lady Gaga doing her best Hunger Games cosplay. No, I'm here to talk about the undisputed icon of the hour, a man by the name of Bernie Sanders.

The Vermont senator showed to the event in his usual austere, no frills get-up comprised of sensible, repurposed wool mitts and the same muted brown Burton winter jacket popularized in one of 2020's most recognizable memes. The senator seemed at most mildly interested in the American pageantry at play, and looked ready to get back to work on issuing stimulus checks as soon humanly possible.

It's no surprise that Sanders, a beloved figure of a little website known as Twitter dot com, instantly got the meme treatment. Sure, it's ultimately a coping mechanism for broken hearts — you have to laugh so you don't cry, etc. — but thankfully the memes deliver some brief and much needed levity. See the best of the bunch, below.

[Bernie Voice] I am once again asking for you to care about the American people:

He's a helpful guy:

Absolutely stunning in the role of the curmudgeon merch attendant at a noise show:

This one could honestly be real:

Two icons, both alike in dignity...

The Bernie is Present:

Disaffected, front-row It Girls:

This one goes out to all my metaphysical girls:

Meanwhile, at your local Masjid:

Forever in our hearts:

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