Lily Collins as the famously oblivious American Emily in Netflix's surprise hit 'Emily in Paris.'


In Season Two, 'Emily In Paris' Will Be Less Oblivious

According to show creator Darren Star.

The last time we checked in on the titular character from Emily In Paris, she was celebrating her then-recent, completely surprising Golden Globe nomination. The nomination was mostly met with earned criticism, but it did overshadow just how much many of us (myself included) enjoyed the Netflix hit — albeit in a “I hate how much I love this horrible show” kind of way. We’d all be lying if we said we weren’t looking forward to season two. And now, with the second installment of the show in official production as of Monday of this week, show creator Darren Star has revealed a few new things about what excited viewers can expect from it — including the fact that Emily herself will finally “assimilate” to her French surroundings.

In an interview with Variety, Star responded to one of the main critiques of the show: that it displayed an overly-glamorized vision of the vacation destination. “I think when someone goes to Paris for the first time, they are overwhelmed by the beauty of the city and that’s what they’re seeing,” he said. “I think, perhaps, a lot of viewers who lived in Paris for a long time didn’t quite understand that this was through the lens of a character who was experiencing the city for the first time. That’s how she was perceiving it — she was really struck by the beauty that was all around her.” As he clarified, “The first season didn’t cover that much chronological time.”

That being said, Star admitted that season two will be slightly less rose-colored, saying, “For me, it’s the evolution of the character.” Revealing that season two will find Emily visiting St. Tropez and other dreamy destinations in the South of France, Star teased, “Certainly, the more quotidian aspects of life start to come in and I think that’s what’s going to happen to her.” He added, “Emily will embrace the city a little bit more,” even if she still will be struggling to learn her French. “When she got there, she got a bit of a free pass in the beginning,” he explains. “I don’t think it will be quite as easy for her in the second season. I think she will be more assimilated, in terms of living in Paris and stepping up to the challenges of learning the language.”

In terms of other spoilers, Star was quite cryptic. Emily in Paris was just as much a bubbly romance as it was a completely unrealistic comedy about an overnight social media influencer, and in terms of the former, Star hinted that many “unexpected storylines” were on the horizon for Emily. “There was a twist at the end of the first season that [Emily] did not see coming, and I think there’s a lot of fallout that happens from the that in the new season,” he told Variety about what viewers could expect to see happen between Emily and her hot chef hookup, Gabriel.

Well, now all we have to do is wait and find out.