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Grimes Shared A Rare Photo Of Her Baby, X Æ A-Xii

The first glimpse of her intergalactic child.

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If you can even remember back to January 2020 before the pandemic pulled us out of time and space, one of the biggest shocks was Grimes' pregnancy announcement. She out-Grimes'd herself and dropped a fittingly sci-fi pregnancy bump photo featuring a faint, growing embryo. The avant-pop star and tech billionaire boyfriend Elon Musk welcomed a baby boy in May, and after some drama with the state of California over his birth name, officially introduced X AE A-XIII to the world.

Grimes has been laying low ever since her child's birth, pretty much only popping up to drop a coloring book of her Miss Anthropocene drawings and release the most ethereal AI generated lullaby known to man. Duh.

We finally got a glimpse of her as a mother, and it was naturally precious. Grimes shared a snapshot to her Instagram stories of her baby wearing a star-covered onesie (this family's whole "thing" is space, after all) and is seen playing with a book about — wait for it — galaxies and space telescopes. Grimes kept her affection simple and adorned the photo with a pink heart emoji.

In non-baby news, Grimes recorded a song called "Delicate Weapon" for the soundtrack of the highly anticipated video game Cyberpunk 2077. She'll technically release it under her Cyberpunk pseudonym Lizzy Wizzy, who “a hugely popular pop star in the Cyberpunk universe.” It's called perfect, casting, people.

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