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Are Beanie Charms The Next “It” Accessory For 2022?

It’s Bella Hadid-approved so far.

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Just when we thought we’ve seen it all when it comes to beaded accessories, from phone straps to necklaces, we’re introduced to yet another way to wear this kitschy trend for 2022.

Right before the new year on Thursday, Dec. 30, Bella Hadid showed off her OOTD — a sporty, Y2K raver-like ensemble of Adidas, vintage Kenzo, and layered jewelry from Bvlgari, The M Jewelers, Mazza Boutique, and more. But the star of her end-of-the-year ‘fit was the collection of sparkly gems dangling from Hadid’s vibrant knitted beanie, which she also complemented with a multicolored mohair scarf.

The names behind the dazzling charms are Canadian jewelry artist Brandon Hurtado Sandler, known for crafting intricate jewelry, like earring cuffs and lip rings, and knitwear designer Lindsay Vrckovnik. The two collaborated together on Hadid’s statement beanie.

“Lindsay Vrckovnik, or @Linmick, asked to collab and I couldn’t have agreed faster to do it,” Sandler exclusively told NYLON. “I’m inspired by Lindsay's unfettered vision with knits and creative direction. I’m drawn to her fearlessness to craft what she wants her world to look like — and her skills are spectacular replete with such grace, and explosion of playful color. We sat down and discussed how to marry our two mediums into the glorious colorful hat it became.”

Though embellished headwear has been around for years, Hadid’s beanie charms were a one-of-one design from Sandler and Vrckovnik. Plus, with cozy winter gear expanding with trendy balaclavas, the rise of craftcore-inspired accessories, and early-aughts nostalgia, we just might see this beaded trend dominate our social media feeds very soon. Thanks to Hadid, the potential “It” accessory is just getting its start.

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