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The Horse-Girl Outfit Equation Bella Hadid Can’t Stop Repeating

Less polo, more rodeo.

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Bella Hadid is a lot of things: the queen of Cannes style, Princess of Nazareth, and a well-known horse girl. In her latest Instagram post, the model laments the loss of her cowgirl hat while running “a few barrels over the past few weeks.” She wears a red bandana-patterned EB Denim shirt, bright blue boot-cut jeans cinched with a thick belt, and her long hair loose — kind of matching her horse’s mane.

Earlier this year, Hadid unveiled the spectator — aka “leader of the fan club” — version of her equestrian look, which consisted of a sequined halter top, tanned skin, and a very big cowgirl hat.

When she’s not wearing pre-show Jacquemus or promoting her fragrance line Orebella, Hadid can be reliably found in some version of this equestrian attire, the most recent formula for which usually looks like this: a patterned shirt and a hat paired with major jewelry. (She seems particularly fond of a vintage Bulgari necklace with a gold Cuban-link chain.) And it’s an equation that works for her inside and out of the riding hall: The model has been back in the competition circuit in recent months, nabbing as much as $50,000 in prize money at amateur events.