Depop Is Bringing Thrift Shopping To The Sims Universe

Fashion's biggest marketplace is coming to your favorite game.

Calling all Sims fans, you’ll be able to cop some secondhand pieces digitally in the coming weeks.

On Thursday, June 30, the Gen-Z beloved marketplace Depop is bringing secondhand shopping into the gaming world, starting with The Sims 4. In celebration of the game’s latest expansion pack, titled “High School Years,” the collaboration offers original fashion items that players can purchase in the game’s local thrift store and boba hangout spot, ThrifTea.

The cult-favorite life simulation game has enlisted five of Depop’s most popular IRL sellers for the project, working with The Sims development team to create three custom pieces for the new expansion pack. The teen Sims will be able to discover fashion items in the store’s rotating inventory, which players will need to shop quickly as the rarer Depop items will not always be available.

The Depop sellers include US-based Bella (@internetgirl) featuring a trendy custom beaded necklace, and Jeremy (@happyxloco), who has teleported his signature graffiti ‘fits into the game. There are also British sellers, like Selena Williams (@Selenasshop) and Lapoze McTribouy of Sooki Sooki Vintage (@judaku), coming in with Y2K-style mini skirts and corset tops, as well as Australian designer Sha’an D’Antes’ (@furrylittlepeach)’s illustrations of kitschy pieces inspired by her in-person collection. Creators HappyXLoco, Judaku, and FurryLittlePeach also designed specially styled looks for the game’s “Create a Sim” feature, too.

Design by Lapoze McTribouy of Sooki Sooki Vintage (@judaku)Courtesy of Depop
Design by Sha’an D’Antes’ (@furrylittlepeach)Courtesy of Depop

The Sims 4’s new fashion looks will allow the players to become digital trendsetters, as you’ll be able to hype your favorite curated outfits to increase their value, earn Simoleons (the currency used in the game’s Trendi app, which was inspired by Depop’s own platform), and even become a “Simfluencer.”

“Our sellers are at the heart of everything we do at Depop, so putting their creative vision front and center in this collaboration was an opportunity to showcase their talent and show how intrinsic they are to us as a brand,” said Steve Dool, Brand Director at Depop, in an official statement. “We can’t wait to see how players curate their looks and virtually explore their individual styles. We’re excited to bring circular and secondhand fashion into the digital world with The Sims, reflecting how young people are shaping, sharing, and consuming fashion now.”

The Sims 4 “High School Years” expansion pack’s Depop collaboration will be available for purchase on Thursday, July 28, at 10 a.m. PT. In the meantime, you can read more about The Sims 4 “High School Years” and pre-order the expansion pack online at

Design by Selena Williams (@Selenasshop)Courtesy of Depop
Design by Bella (@internetgirl)Courtesy of Depop
Design by Jeremy (@happyxloco)Courtesy of Depop