Jessie Reyez Gets Ready For Diesel's Fall 2024 Show

Her first night in Milan ended with a conga line.

Canadian singer and songwriter Jessie Reyez lost her passport just three days before her flight to Milan to attend Diesel's Fall/Winter 2024 show. But she says she was so excited about her first trip to Italy that she expedited a new one to make it. And she did — without a minute to spare.

Still, you wouldn’t have been able to tell she had what she calls a “hectic” experience by her effortless final look: a denim two-piece set consisting of a zipper-detail bra top and baggy jeans, which she wore to take in the final result of Glenn Martens’ days-long mission to demystify the fashion show. Reyez says she even felt at home amidst the hundreds of screens because of how often she performs. “They were all perceiving what you're perceiving and also seeing you — but to me, it felt natural,” she says.

Ahead, Reyez walks us through her first-ever day in Milan, which ended with a Diesel dinner-turned-conga line.

How was the getting-ready process?

Courtesy of Jessie Reyez

It felt like one of those superhero scenes where you walk into a photo booth and do a pirouette and then, all of a sudden, you’re in the ‘fit you need to be in. Because I ended up having to fly to Canada to get my passport, I landed in Milan at 8 in the morning and had to hit the ground running. There was no time to even listen to music. It was land and go.

Describe your look for the night.

Courtesy of Jessie Reyez

The ‘fit was lit. I'm always here for a jeans look, and it was dope and super comfortable, which is always a priority for me. For hair and makeup, I just kept it very natural and true to my regular uniform. Because I’m an artist, it’s important for me to feel like myself, and that’s not always the case when collaborating with brands. I just felt embraced and seen in what I was given to wear. I loved the idea of layering the belt and being able to adjust the pants. It all fit me like a glove.

What is your earliest memory of Diesel?

Being in elementary school and not being able to afford it, that's my earliest memory. I remember being at the mall knowing I had no business walking in and looking at things and being like, “This is so dope.” So I’m blessed to be in partnership with them now.

What were your highlights from the show?

Courtesy of Jessie Reyez

I received it as a beautiful art installation mixed with the fashion world. I love it when someone is fearless in terms of their creative expression. The use of colors, makeup, details, and timing was everything. I also loved the idea of being able to hear the program director telling the models to go. It broke the fourth wall so you understood what’s going on behind the scenes and reminded me of what I’m hearing in my headphones at a show.

How was the rest of your night post-show?

Victor Boyko/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I left the show, went to the hotel, and slept for a little bit. I had to get my bearings from the odyssey I had just been through. But then, after a few hours of powering up, I got up and Diesel hosted a beautiful dinner that had family vibes that turned into a party. Then I somehow ended up in a conga line somewhere in Milan, and I wasn’t mad at it. As soon as they played merengue, it was a wrap.

What else are you looking forward to while you’re in Milan?

I’m excited to eat some pasta, to see more shows and be inspired as a creative, and to just be here. I had never been to Italy before but had always wanted to come. So I’m still discovering the city — there’s nothing but potential in front of me.

You’re about to go on tour in April. Where are you most excited to visit?

Courtesy of Jessie Reyez

Have you ever read The Chrysalis by John Wyndham? I read it when I was little, and I’ll never forget it. It was post-apocalyptic and, they don’t directly say it, but I’m sure that one of the few places that was able to survive was New Zealand because it was so far away. I’m amped to go there because I’ve always heard that it’s beautiful. And I’m a nature nerd, so I’ll just be in the woods and be happy.