KkCO's Ceremony wedding dresses line.
Sophia Schrank/Courtesy of KkCO


KkCo Debuts “Ceremony,” An Anti-Bridal Collection

The Los Angeles label has been growing a cult following since 2019.

As wedding season makes its return after a year-plus of cancellations and postponements, soon-to-be brides are starting to rethink the traditional wedding dress shopping experience, from the rise of vintage bridal gowns and Bridgerton-inspired designs to Ariana Grande’s surprisingly simple wedding dress. Fashion labels are responding to the demand for “anti-bridal” options, expanding their offerings with wedding styles that don’t fall within the usual ball gown look. Indie fashion brand KkCo is among them, as it recently launched its “Ceremony” line of bridal designs.

“I think it only makes sense for brands and designers to expand into this world with their own perspective. Most brands already have special occasion pieces — so why is bridal always treated so separately?” asks designer Kara Jubin. “There are specific expectations we placed on bridal and weddings that are not necessarily universal. More brands and designers offering bridal can open up more options for those looking outside of the normal traditional availabilities.”

The Los Angeles label has been growing a cult following since 2019, and Jubin always had the potential to expand into bridalwear: KkCo’s debut collection actually included a dress that she made for her own wedding.

“This was probably the start of the idea without even knowing it,” she tells NYLON. “Since then, we’ve been making custom non-traditional bridal dresses on the side for customers and friends. It wasn’t until this past year that we noticed an increase in requests. Because of COVID, I think a lot of people are reconsidering the traditional wedding and what they actually want to wear on their day.”

Jubin created her own wedding dress because she couldn’t find any options that fit her personal style while also having the potential to be worn again in the future. “After this past year, I’m realizing I’m not the only one that has had this experience,” she adds. “There need to be more options for the non-traditional that are accessible.”

Sophia Schrank/Courtesy of KkCo

Designing “Ceremony” was pretty straightforward for Jubin, since the line captures the essence of KkCo and features signature styles that the label already offers, which Jubin swapped with more bridal-inspired fabrics. The new collection has about 10 styles, including four variations of KkCo’s bestselling Nine Twenty-Seven dress made from lace imported from Belgium, Japanese silk, floral flocked lace, and organza. There are also suiting options, like an oversized double-breasted blazer and twill trousers with a paperbag waist.

The accessories are a favorite of Jubin, especially the veils. “I really love the veils — so much that I wish we could just normalize wearing veils regularly,” she says with a laugh. The two styles match with a few of the dresses, including the Sailor Dress in the 3D Flower Organza with a matching veil. “It makes you feel like an old Italian mob bride in the best way possible,” says Jubin.

Sophia Schrank/Courtesy of KkCo

Jubin plans to offer “Ceremony” permanently through KkCo, carrying over certain pieces from the brand’s future collections if they’re a fit. “It’s just a nice option to have since it’s really not out there,” she says. “The concept of ‘Ceremony’ is to offer non-traditional bridal. We are able to break bridal standards and expectations, which probably made it a bit easier for us to follow our own gut and offer things outside of the norm.”

Shop “Ceremony” on KkCo’s website now, and see more of the debut collection, below.

Sophia Schrank/Courtesy of KkCo
Sophia Schrank/Courtesy of KkCo
Sophia Schrank/Courtesy of KkCo
Sophia Schrank/Courtesy of KkCo
Models: Marta Pozzan and Tiara Jackson; Hair and makeup: Sara Chestnutt-Fry; Photo Assistant: Jade DeRose; Stylist Assistant: Caitlin HarringtonSophia Schrank/Courtesy of KkCo