We Tried The SKIMS Cotton Collection — Here Are Our Honest Reviews

“Kimberly, you freaked it.”

SKIMS arrived at an opportune time in 2019, just ahead of when the world shut down and our everyday outfits pivoted from office clothes to (mostly) sweatpants. Over the past two years, Kim Kardashian’s “solutions line” has expanded from shapewear, bras, and underwear to a full-fledged offering of loungewear and basics, including cozy teddy robes, waffle-knit leggings, velour tracksuits, silk pajamas, and more. The brand even snagged Kate Moss as a campaign model and outfitted the USA team at the 2021 Olympics. Out of all of the brand deals and business ventures from Kardashian over the years, her SKIMS line — though polarizing as it may be — hit the mark.

On Tuesday, SKIMS restocked its cotton pieces, making it the biggest drop ever for the cotton jersey and rib collection. In addition to adding new styles to the line, including a racerback sports bra, boy short, full brief bottom, and a T-string thong, the items come in five neutral, fall-friendly colors. With the recent SKIMS launch, the NYLON team tried on a few of its hit styles and gave our own honest reviews. Case in point: Yes, SKIMS is really that good. Read on to find out what pieces are worth adding to your wardrobe right now and shop them all, below.

SKIMS Cotton Collection Review: The Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Courtesy of India Roby
Courtesy of Copelyn Bengel
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“At first, I was nervous about how this top would fit me, especially since I’m really self-conscious about having a bigger bust and tees like this usually fit very uncomfortably. So I was very surprised at how comfy this top was and I can definitely see myself layering this under something or just by itself!” — India Roby, fashion writer

“Admittedly a skeptic, I was surprised to really love this top. It quickly became a staple of my wardrobe in many ways. The fabric is a soft stretch cotton blend that feels tight but not in a constraining way. I wore it with my sweatpants around the house, with my jeans to run errands, and under a structured blazer to the office.” — Copelyn Bengel, associate fashion market editor

“I’ve tried SKIMS boxer shorts in the past but I was a little on the fence about the tops just because I'm pretty in between sizes. However, this has easily become my new favorite T-shirt. It’s the perfect top to be lazy in because it’s oh-so soft, and when you have to get up and put some pants on it literally goes with any bottom in my wardrobe — definitely will be needing more.” — Jacquelyn Greenfield, beauty and fashion writer

Courtesy of Bria McNeal
Courtesy of Layla Halabian
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“When I first saw the shirt I was certain it would be way too small, but I was happily proven wrong. The material is perfectly stretchy, form-fitting, and super comfortable. I’ve worn it a few times now and will definitely be ordering more!” — Bria McNeal, entertainment writer

“Finding a flattering, fitted T-shirt was randomly the hardest task of all time before SKIMS. After my notoriously picky friend vouched for the brand, I had to try it out for myself. I’m elated that I did; The T-shirt is flattering, soft, and a true wardrobe staple. It just fits perfectly. Kimberly, you freaked it.” — Layla Halabian, culture editor

“I struggle with finding a good T-shirt because loose fitting ones can sometimes be too baggy or tighter fits cling to you in all the wrong places — this wasn't the case with the SKIMS tee. It’s officially my new favorite T-shirt because it’s just so goddamn comfortable. It's formfitting but it also stretches in a way that hugs your body just slightly. This is the perfect tee for over jeans or even to layer under a jacket for a night out. I’ve worn it three times since I got it!” — Alexia Pipia, senior social media strategist

SKIMS Cotton Collection Review: The Cotton Jersey Mock Neck Tank

Courtesy of Maria Bobila
Courtesy of Lauren McCarthy
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“When I saw that this was ‘mock neck’ top, I felt intimidated that I wouldn't be able to style it with much in my wardrobe. But once I put this tank on, it felt more like a slightly higher, more polished neckline than your usual crewneck tee, which I really liked. The fabric is comfortably lightweight, hugs the body nicely, and barely feels like you're wearing anything at all!” — Maria Bobila, fashion editor

“I am a devotee of SKIMS’ shapewear and bralettes (and Kim, if we're being honest), so I was super excited to try a more everyday piece from the brand. At first glance, I was hesitant that the black mock neck tank would catapult me into Steve Jobs territory, but once I put it on, I was sold. The fit is perfectly figure-hugging without veering into overly-clingy territory. Consider it an instant wardrobe staple.” — Lauren McCarthy, executive editor

Courtesy of Sophia June
Courtesy of Sam Neibart
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“I’ll talk anyone’s ear off about the brilliance of Season 1 and 12 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (when Brody Jenner was the most famous person on the show?!), but this is the first time I’ve ever put SKIMS on my body — and I’m happy to share that it’s not overrated. I didn’t know how I’d feel about the teeny mock neck, but it’s the detail that takes it from what could otherwise be American Apparel circa 2012 to 2021 chic/comfy, a time when I want everything I wear to be both versatile and fun. It’s perfect for both WHF and going out, but best of all: You can go braless.” — Sophia June, culture writer

“I usually struggle to find tank tops I like — I think most are unflattering because they’re too long and bunch up around the waist. This tank fixes all that with a super snug fit and a shorter length that hits just the right place to go with high-waisted pants. But for for all of its clingyness, the top lays flat on your skin and doesn’t cut into you. Let’s just say that once you try SKIMS you start to understand why Kim Kardashian has committed to a life of solely wearing stretchy fabrics.” — Sam Neibart, beauty editor

SKIMS Cotton Collection Review: The Cotton Jersey Bodysuit

Courtesy of Steffanee Wang
Courtesy of Kelly Reed
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“In a surprising turn of events, I’ve worn this bodysuit three times, and I’m into it. I was a little skeptical at first because the fabric really does feel super thin and I was worried about how it would cling to me. But whatever is in this cotton jersey is clearly doing its job because it literally looked like an airbrush to my body. Plus, it even smoothed out my nipple piercing without a bra. That’s pretty impressive.” — Steffanee Wang, music editor

“I never really understood the SKIMS hype, until now. This is my first time trying them and I literally never want to take this bodysuit off. Simply put, I’m a simp for SKIMS.” — Kelly Reed, social media assistant

SKIMS Cotton Collection Review: The Cotton Jersey Triangle Bralette

Courtesy of Laura Pitcher
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“Like many people in the last year, I went from wearing a bra most days to not wearing one for months on end, but this SKIMS set might have just convinced me to put one on more often. The cotton is comfortable and the fit for both the triangle bralette and thong is super flattering (no lines under a tight skirt). As much as I’d love not to feed into the Kardashain empire, my first SKIMS experience has me curious to try more styles— albeit only other ones without any underwire. A couple of friends even asked why my boobs looked so good.” — Laura Pitcher, beauty writer

“The bralette fits exactly how you want a bralette to fit — snugly and secure, without pulling or tugging (or underwire). SKIMS manages to be both supple and supportive at the same time.” — Claire Valentine, entertainment editor

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