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Fandom Fashion Is The Biggest Trend to Come Out of 2023

Thanks to Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and 'Barbie.'

In 2023, the trend cycle felt it was at an all-time high, with every other week bringing in a slew of micro aesthetics that have since left our radar. But there was one that emerged and stood out on the fashion front and may not even be much of a surprise: fandom fashion.

This revelation was made by global shopping service Klarna in its second end-of-the-year report, The Checkout, which shared key trends based on products customers checked out of their shopping carts in 2023. The report identified this year’s overarching theme titled “Life, Maximized,” with “fandom fashion” at the top of the list, which was largely popularized thanks to the three most celebrated pop culture moments so far: Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, and the Barbie movie.

The year kicked off the fandom fashion buzz with Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, putting the Barbiecore trend into overdrive. Following the nostalgia craze of 2022, we’re apparently still all in for channeling our inner child, leading to just about everything being doused in hot pink ahead of the film’s premiere over the summer. Pink luggage saw a 208% increase after the Beis x Barbie collaboration launch in July and pink nail polish at a 99% increase in September — all tied to the Barbie craze.

From May to October, metallics became a popular choice in light of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, nodding to its futuristic theme (and at the request of Queen Bey herself). As fans flocked to her world tour, purchases for shiny pieces were up significantly: silver cowboy hats were up 1153% in August, with silver boots at 313% and sparkly fishnet tights at 224% in September.

Concert dressing continues on with Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, and with dates from March 2023 to December 2024, it seems that Swiftie fashion has, and will be, around for a while. Taking inspiration from the singer’s hit music videos like “Fearless” and a bevy of other looks inspired by her tour outfits, fans are bonding IRL through key pieces like fringe silhouettes and friendship bracelets — fringe dresses increased to 98% in June, and beaded kits are up 915% since September.

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“Fashion and beauty have always played a central role in live music performances. Simply because it adds an extra dimension to the music,” said Klarna’s Fashion Director, Emilia de Poret, in a press release. Elaborate onstage wardrobes and custom-made looks are bringing attention not only to the artists’ tour outfits, she says, but also selling an aspiration to fans that they, too, can channel the look, adding that, “This summer’s blockbuster tours are all examples of how artists set the trends for their millions of fans. Pop culture moments that will make fashion history.”

Check out Klarna’s top 10 trending fashion items in the U.S. for 2023, below:

  1. Rhinestone Cowboy Hat
  2. Friendship Bracelet Kit
  3. Silver Boots
  4. Sparky Fishnet Tights
  5. Tennis Skirts
  6. Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow
  7. Pink Nail Polish
  8. Fringe Dress

Head over to Klarna’s website to read the latest report in full now.