April 2023’s Full Pink Moon In Libra Will Heal You

April 2023's full pink moon in Libra brings recognition and healing.

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Aries season is always an astrological reset, but this year’s time of the ram is taking things to a new level. This Aries season brought a once-in-a-generation cosmic overhaul through Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius, Mars finally leaving Gemini for Cancerian waters for the first time in nearly seven months, and on April 6 at 12:34 a.m. EST, it’ll set the arena for a full moon in Libra.

This lunation is a grounding one at its core: Libra’s inner drive is to create harmony and beauty. A Venus-ruled full moon only happens twice a year, and to make matters sweeter, the April 2023 full moon in Libra is also known by a lovely nickname worthy of the goddess of Love: the pink moon. Who among us can’t use an extra boost of Venusian stability?

First things first: What is a pink moon? As the first full moon of the astrological year (remember, Aries season kicks off the zodiac), the pink moon reflects the the beauty of the spring bloom it illuminates. Per the Farmer’s Almanac, the the North American wildflower pink moss phlox aligns with the April lunation, hence the rosy nickname. The name, albeit cute, has nothing to do with astrology.

In terms of the cosmos, April 2023’s full moon in Libra sits across from Chiron, the great wound, in Aries. Chiron holds the archetype of the wounded healer in astrology, as any aspects to this placement highlight any wounds a person may be holding onto, and how that wound informs and shapes their life. On April 6, as the full moon in Libra goes bright, it’s also in conversation with Chiron as it sits in conjunction with the sun in Aries.

Warmth and energy will radiate through Chiron, and the full moon in Libra may illuminate some previously hidden truths about a pain long carried. The pain may be physical, spiritual, or psychic — and it’s going to take center stage. In the zodiac, Libra is symbolized by the scales — it’s the sign of harmony, and also of relationships. April 2023’s full pink moon in Libra will bring a sense of healing that goes beyond the self. Be in conversation with the closest people in your circle, and let stagnant energy flow free.

“Invite your friends to read your manuscript and share their honest opinions. Tell your parents exactly how you need help — and when they should mind their business,” writes NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. “Seek advice, accountability, and perspective from the people in your life. Encourage them to challenge you, and let the discomfort spark reinvention.”

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