8 Aries Season Best Bars New York


The 8 Best Bars In New York For Aries Season Partying

Your guide to celebrating Aries’ fiery spirit in New York.

Written by Sophia June

Aries season is a time of trailblazing possibilities: new grudges, unexpected bursts of energy, and the rising temperatures of spring. Luckily, New York has no shortage of bars that epitomize this boundless, somewhat chaotic spirit.

As a Taurus with an Aries moon, I always choose to throw my birthday on the Aries side of April, when the birthday winds favor bold and celebratory endeavors with the clumsy fervor of a newly born lamb. Think cocktails that burn your mouth, like the wasabi margarita at Dr. Clark, or the ‘70s-style sunken conversation pits of Carousel, perfect for covert meetings with people you should have stopped texting already. Read on for our favorite New York City bars to ring in the fire season.


You’ll likely have to endure a line snaking around the side of this ‘70s themed bar on Wyckoff Avenue before you enter its wood-paneled halls bathed in red light — but hey, an Aries knows it’s only a new opportunity to make friends. Once inside, it’s clear why the spirited fire sign would feel in their element here. Carousel is the kind of place where you have to yell over music and conversations get swirled and dropped during a good song. If you really want to gab, there’s a sunken seating area waiting for good gossip. Just be careful not to spill your dirty martini.

36 Wyckoff Ave.

The Flower Shop

Frequented by Aries Evan Mock, the Lower East Side hotspot The Flower Shop likes to be at the center of everything. Whether they’re hosting bashes that spill out into the street or messy, private soirées in its downstairs, shag carpet covered room, all things feel possible when you’re eating Pink Moon oysters and drinking espresso martinis at The Flower Shop.

107 Eldridge St.

Le Dive

Situated a stone’s throw between Metrograph, 169 Bar, and Clandestino, Le Dive is a newer edition to Dimes Square that attracts both PR mavens wheeling and dealing over after work drinks as well as local fashion baddies. I once cried over a tower of fries there — talk about Aries drama! This month, the bar is upping its Aries ante with a secret menu. Each day, there will be 12 "Dive" burgers available that you can only ask for verbally at the bar, which are served on a brioche bun with a classic au poivre sauce, Emmental cheese, watercress lightly tossed in a dijon-shallot vinaigrette, and a side of French Fries.

37 Canal St.

The Roof at PUBLIC

High above the city lies The Roof, the enclosed rooftop bar at the PUBLIC, which boasts sweeping views of the sunset. While you may think the sight would appeal more to the Taurean sense for beauty, the bar pairs the picturesque view with cheap tequila cocktails, facilitating an escalation into a memorable night on the town.

215 Chrystie St.

Dr. Clark

Not only is Dr. Clark run a staff that look like off-duty models, it’s also home to the most Aries cocktail in New York City (at least one that isn’t on fire): the wasabi margarita. Aries’ propensity towards extremes will make it impossible to have just one. The drink leaves your mouth with a pleasant tingle all night, which you’ll hardly notice because you’ll be bringing down the house with your fearless karaoke renditions before you know it.

105 Baynard St.

All Night Skate

The first thing you need to know about All Night Skate is that there’s no roller skating. The second you should know is that there’s basically everything else: vintage video-games, All Night Skate branded condoms, and a margarita with a Pop Rocks rim. With a playful atmosphere, this skate-themed bar at the edge of Bed-Stuy appeals to Aries’ sense of adventure and dynamic spirit. Plus, if you do happen to show up in skates, you’ll get a discount.

54 Rockaway Ave.

3 Dollar Bill

With Robyn-themed parties and Gwenyth Paltrow drag nights, 3 Dollar Bill is nothing if not one of New York’s most lively gay clubs. Aries’ confident and assertive ethos is the energy coursing through this always-packed bar where locals and tourists alike cram into a massive warehouse to toss dollar bills at the city’s most talented drag queens.

260 Meserole St.

Wiggle Room

Espresso martinis are on draft at this Lower East Side spot that is packed to the gills with throngs of young people with one urge: to dance under a disco ball. Bottle service girls hover around the room while bartenders shake drinks at the speed of light in this two-level club that will leave your ears ringing and your feet tired — but your fiery spirit renewed.

9 Avenue A