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10 Luxurious Gifts For Your Bougiest Friend

Luxurious gifts that will make anyone feel like a main character (who survives) in The White Lotus.

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'Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, that's a full month in which we'll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list with our holiday gift guides. Next up: A selection of luxury gifts for your bougiest friend.

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, is working overtime when it comes to the bougie friend. You know the one: The friend with the finest restaurant recommendations; the friend with a jihad against synthetic fabrics; the friend who needs to luxuriate for 40 hours a week in order to properly function. The bougie friend knows exactly what kind of finer things they appreciate in this world — and most likely, they already have it in their clutches. So what do you get for the bougie friend who has everything?

The perfect gift should not only have a substantial price tag (it does in fact matter in this context, get over it) but it should also evoke a sense of refinement. A bougie gift need not be flashy, but it sure as hell needs to be of quality. Even better, a bougie friend will appreciate any gift that extends beyond the physical plane. Will it leave them with unadulterated relaxation? Will it catapult them into higher levels of opulence than previously imagined? Will it make them feel like a one-percenter vacationing at a White Lotus resort? The power of gift-giving is in your hands.

See the best luxury gifts, below.