Boris Halas


Chippy Nonstop And dj genderfluid Bring The Spiral In “To Myself” Video

The latest single from their self-titled collaborative LP.

Chippy Nonstop is here to help you to get into the spiral. Thankfully, the Toronto-based DJ and dj genderfluid have very much been on the case; the duo released their self-titled collaborative LP on WET TRAX! back in May, marking their territory with one of the year’s most explosive dance albums.

The LP is versatile and captivating, bringing 90’s rave beats, grinding acid techno, hard trance, and more in one place, all wrapped together with earworm hooks that are sure to wobble around in your head all party long. Premiering on NYLON is the video for the duo’s latest single, the hazy and seductive track “To Myself.” The video is a psychedelic love-fest — Chippy and her girls find freedom in woozy benders, rides to the afters, and most importantly, through each other. The video’s visuals are inspired by queer film auteur Gregg Araki, says Chippy, echoing the Araki’s standard thesis: a general f*ck you to the outdated rules of society.

“As I wrote the album, I envisioned all the parts of the spiral. From when you’re getting ready with your girls, to being in the car on the way to the function, to ‘Oh no who is this stranger in my bed!’ while I'm coming down,” says Chippy to NYLON over email. “The video concept for 'To Myself' is based around the dynamic I have with men. They are around me, but I don't feel an attachment of love and happiness when they are. The happiness I get around my girls and queers is genuine love and happiness. I was inspired by visuals from the movie Nowhere by Gregg Araki where he brings us into a dystopian world where we are all sexually liberated and free from the constraints that society puts on us.”

Watch the “To Myself” video below — the party’s just getting started.