February 2023’s New Moon In Pisces Is A Spiritual Awakening


February 2023’s New Moon In Pisces Is A Spiritual Awakening

The new moon in Pisces offers a sweet way to blast open your third eye.

Sitting at the end of the zodiac and the astrological year is Pisces, collecting all the lessons and experiences of the other eleven signs before it. Pisces doesn’t have the shell of Cancer’s crab or the stinger of Scorpio’s misunderstood scorpion; the fish is exposed, living a life without boundaries, open to empathy, destruction, and the range of human emotional in between. This year, Pisces season kicks off with an immediate new moon in its sign on February 19. A new moon lunation in the oldest water sign is one that’s imbued with beauty, spiritual awakenings, and possibility — see how to make the most of it, ahead.

Pisces 101

In order to understand the crux of a sign, look to its planetary ruler. When it comes to Pisces, the water sign has two rulers: Neptune, per modern astrology, and Jupiter, per traditional astrology. “Ruled by Neptune, planet of higher, or altered consciousness, and Jupiter, planet of expansion, Pisces can ride the invisible channels like a wave,” notes NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. “But this is a deluge with no floodgates, making it a daily battle for Pisces to keep its feet bound to the earth.”

A Pisces stellium

The Pisces new moon on February 19 is no ordinary lunation — it’s in the midst of a powerful Pisces stellium. In astrology, a stellium is when three or more personal planets are in the same sign at the same time. It’s a concentration of energy regardless of the sign or house, but when it’s in Pisces, it’s strong enough to blast open your third eye.

Specifically, February 2023’s new moon in Pisces lands alongside the sun, Venus, and Neptune. Those with Pisces placements are known for being dreamers, so this pile-up of planets creates the perfect atmosphere for manifesting, as well as heightening your intuition. Expect the bright light of clarity to hit not only during waking hours, but through dreams. With both Neptune and Venus — the latter in its exaltation, no less! — swimming through Pisces during the new moon, this lunation is going to filled with sweetness.

The final moments before Saturn in Pisces

A major generational shift, also known as Saturn in Pisces, is on the horizon, making February 2023’s new moon the last Pisces lunation free from Saturn’s restrictions until 2026. Saturn moves into the water sign on March 7, “ensuring order from the ethers of technology, culture, pharmacology, and spirituality,” writes Odyssey. In layman’s terms, February 19’s new moon is final chance to utilize the potent Piscean ability to bend reality before Saturn, planet of rules and boundaries, gets in the way. Don’t miss out.

Working with the Pisces new moon

There’s no better time to tap into your emotions than a Pisces new moon. Take a long bath, dip your feet into the ocean, or stare at a river — any body of water will help you tap into the Piscean collective unconscious. Let you subconscious take the reins leading up to the new moon; get your journal ready to make note of what are sure to be disarming and loopy dreams. And while you’re at it, write down your biggest fantasies, and allow the Pisces stellium’s optimism to bring them into reality.