January 2022’s Full Moon In Cancer, Explained

A tender and transformational lunation.

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Even though January 2022’s astrology kicked off on a high note thanks to Jupiter back in its rightful place in Pisces, the combined Venus and Mercury retrogrades cautioned a slower pace and a gentle review of communication, values, and how these crucial but sometimes pesky sometimes intersect. But retrogrades come with quick expiration dates, and now on January 17, we get our first full moon of the year in none other than Cancer. Just as new moons are auspicious for intention setting, full moon illuminate, placing a spotlight on the area of your birth chart in which they transit. You’re in good hands: January 2022’s full moon in Cancer is tender, clearing, and here to soothe. Find out how to make the most of it, below.

The moon loves to be in Cancer

The moon rules over Cancer, making this water sign its domicile, or home. The Cancerian qualities of being understanding, protective, and sensitive are front and center with this transit; a Cancer moon all the more powerful when the heavenly body is at its brightest, so you might as well ride the incoming emotional wave. Take note of the feelings that arise under this lunation; acknowledging emotions comes with its own benefits, like a much needed lesson and the release of burden. Read your rising sign on NYLON’s January 2022 horoscope to find out more.

It’s getting a boost from Jupiter in Pisces

When planets in astrology are 120 degrees apart, the aspect is called a trine. Trines are as positive as it gets — two planets within the same element are working in harmony. In whole sign houses, the January 17 full moon in Cancer trines Jupiter in Pisces, giving this lunation a dose of positivity and general good fortune. If you’re spending this transit taking a look inward, Jupiter will be on your team to make sure the journey is one of abundance.

One slight speed bump: There’s a lot going on in Capricorn

If trines are harmonious, oppositions — signs thats sit 180 degrees apart — are challenging. That being said, aren’t challenges in life crucial to growth? Oppositions are not spooky or doomed, they just require a little more effort. Right now across the axis from Cancer, there’s a Venus retrograde and Pluto both making their way through Capricorn.

“Venus may be the planet of love, but she’s also the planet of beauty, and all its promises: public acclaim, lush surroundings, and perfection realized,” writes NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. “When she goes retrograde, our entitlements, our rewards, and our fantasies crash into the ground.”

Luckily, this Venus retrograde is in its final weeks, officially ending on January 29. As the full moon in Cancer opposes Venus and Pluto, let it illuminate the transformations you’ve been undergoing in the realms of love and career. This lunation may be the perfect time to be honest with yourself and ask the hard questions. What do you really want and what emotional burdens are keeping you from growing into your next phase?

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