January 2022’s New Moon Is A New Year Refresh

New year, new moon.

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To quote famed Canadian singer-songwriter and Virgo Shania Twain: “Looks like we made it.” Twain is, of course, singing to her beloved, whereas I am singing to the collective psyche that made it through 2021 into the promised land of a new year. Much like the events unfolding on earth, the astrology of the past year left us constricted and new deep in the mud. Thankfully, January 2022’s cosmic transits are starting off on a different, more positive note.

First things first: Jupiter is back in its oceanic home in Pisces, which is a very big deal. We got a taste of Jupiter’s power in the ancient water sign back in May through July of 2021; mask mandates were gone, parties were thriving, and there was a general kumbaya feeling of “we’re all in this together!” permeating the air. Starting on December 28 through May 10, we’ll be back in Jupiter’s expansive, optimistic embrace.

Furthermore, 2022 kicks off with a new moon in Capricorn on January 2. Having a new moon at the start of the new year is refreshing, and a perfect time to slough off the debris of past transits and set yourself up for success — whatever that might mean to you. Read on to see how to make the most of the transit.

Think of it as a soft-reset

New moons are generally auspicious times to set intentions and work any manifestation rituals. Since the new moon is taking place in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, take the sign’s attributes into account. What’s going on in your life that could use a little Capricorn rigor? Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restrictions, rules, and time; depending on where the new moon transits in your own personal birth chart, that part of your life is getting a mini-boost of power and ambition. Read your rising sign on NYLON’s January 2022 horoscope to find out more.

It’s helpful for January 2022’s retrogrades

Although the new year is already set up with the great benefic back in Pisces and a sturdy new moon in Capricorn, astrology is all about balance, which is to say that there’s currently a Venus retrograde and an upcoming Mercury retrograde. Both retrogrades are also taking place in Capricorn, which makes the January 2 new moon the perfect time to not only set intentions, but to bring things into review. These retrogrades ask you to take a look back — at how we communicate, at how we organize, at how we spend free time, at how we love. And with Capricorn in the mix, it’s the ideal time to think of your grand plan when it comes to these themes. “Take this time to focus on the inner makeover, and step away from the public image. Nobody needs you to act like your life is working right now,” advises NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. “Take the lag in efficiency to build a new website, set goals with your financial planner, and ready yourself to blast off come February.”

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