The Spiritual Meaning Of May’s 2022 New Moon In Gemini, Explained


May’s 2022 New Moon In Gemini Brings Clarity To The Cosmic Chaos

May 2022's new moon in Gemini offers a chance to recalibrate.

When heavy astrological transits piggyback off each other, there’s only one way to feel: spiritually and physically depleted. Dramatics aside, the astrology of May 2022 hasn’t been the easiest. Along with two eclipses on the fixed Taurus-Scorpio axis, the cosmic weather also included a Mercury retrograde transit for an extra dose of disorder. But a sense of balance is in order, coming in the form of a new moon in Gemini on May 30 at 8:30 a.m. EST. What does this lunation mean and what are the best ways to work for it? Find out everything you need to know to make the most of it, below.

New moon basics

First things first: New moons happen approximately every 28 days, and typically signal a time to set intentions — aka manifest — for the coming moon cycle. We say “typically,” because we don’t manifest during an eclipse lunation; eclipses bring about volatile energy, and it’s best to let them pass without too much interference. Manifestation during eclipses is more or less a recipe for disaster, so heed the warnings of astrologers worldwide and skip the rituals for calmer cosmic weather. Thankfully, May 2022’s full moon in Gemini is clear from the recent eclipse season — and ready to work its magic.

May 2022’s new moon is ruled by Mercury

Each planet has a planetary ruler, and Gemini’s is Mercury, the clever god of speed and communication. Mercury is the reason Gemini is a master of intellect and quickly disseminating information — and it’s also why the sign is frequently misunderstood as a malicious gossip. A new moon ruled by Mercury encourages a look at the way we communicate in our lives, especially during the midst of a Mercury retrograde.

During Mercury retrograde, it’s best to slow down, take stock, and review. “How do you engage with the world around you, as opposed to the digital scene you’ve relied on all this time?” asks NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. “What are you putting out into the world, and who is receiving it? What is getting communicated?”

May 2022’s new moon is squared by Saturn in Aquarius

Another aspect to take note of when it comes to May’s Gemini new moon is how it squares Saturn, the planet of time and boundaries. Saturn means serious business and loves to set rules — and deliver consequences when they’re broken. Squares are generally points of tensions, but don’t interpret this with fear; instead, think of this square aspect as a chance to get real about the choices you’re making in your day to day life. Look at where Gemini and Aquarius fall in your birth chart: Are there any decisions you’ve been making that aren’t great for the long term?

How to manifest using May 2022’s new moon magic

Now that you know which questions to ask yourself, think of goals and wishes that fall within Gemini’s domain: creative projects, friendships, communication, etc. Use Mercury’s energy to talk through or write down your intentions. The power is in your voice, hands, and community. See where this all lands in your birth chart with NYLON’s May 2022 horoscope. (Pro-tip: read for your rising sign for the most cosmic accuracy.)