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Saint Hoax Is The First-Ever Met Gala Meme Correspondent

Instagram is bringing the first-ever Meme Correspondent to the pink carpet.

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Sure, the Met Gala is one of the most prestigious events in the fashion world. But guess what? It’s an even more prestigious event as far as memes and generally iconic cultural moments are concerned. Extravagant gowns and perfect hair and makeup only last one night, after all; the jokes, on the other hand, are forever. That’s probably why Instagram decided to cut out the middleman and get in on the action, hiring the prolific Instagram meme account @SaintHoax as it’s first-ever Met Gala Meme correspondent.

What a Meme Correspondent will actually do will be revealed on Monday, May 13 from Manhattan’s hottest (and pinkest) carpet, but if anyone should have a good grip on roasting celebrities into oblivion, it’s @SaintHoax. The meme account has been lovingly terrorizing Hollywood for the past few years, and it goes without saying that the Met Gala will provide ample ammunition for weeks — who am I kidding? Months! — to come. (Instagram’s PR team has assured me that @SaintHoax will only be deeply reverential toward fashion’s biggest night and will be poking fun at the most.) Let’s not overlook the power of pathologically attention-seeking celebrities who haven’t had a Met Gala since May 2019. They will be going all out! And @SaintHoax will be there to bring them right back down to earth, and keep us cackling the entire time.

Some of the best @SaintHoax work involves perfectly timed video splicing. Take Lady Gaga swearing on the “father, son, and house of Gucci” from the forthcoming, feverishly anticipated film, House of Gucci. Are the Chef Boyardee Italian accent, 80s glamour, and a lit cigarette perfect? Of course. Are they even more perfect when immediately followed by Nicki Minaj — under the moniker of “the Holy Spirit” — yelling “You can’t get rid of me, bitch!” about her erasure? You better believe it.

Long story short: @SaintHoax will rock it. Watch it all go down live on Monday.

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