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2022’s Saturn Retrograde Wants You To Get Your Ass Up And Work

Everything you need to know to thrive during Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius.

The cosmos know how to keep people on their toes. As Mercury retrograde ends, another retrograde kicks off — this time, under the domain of Saturn, the planet of boundaries and time. Astrology meme pages have instilled a fear of retrograde cycles among the masses, but like all things within the zodiac, these transits are less about doom and gloom than they are about more boring realities, like taking stock of your life and refocusing on priorities. So what exactly is Saturn retrograde? Find out everything you need to know, below.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius starts June 4

As one of the major outer planets, Saturn retrogrades are lengthy transits. The current Saturn retrograde will continue through the final weeks of spring, throughout the entire summer, and come to an end in the fall on October 22 when it finally stations direct after nearly five months. Buckle up!

Saturn in Aquarius focuses on the bigger picture

Saturn is domicile — aka very much at home — in the Aquarius. “The air sign is the sign of the collective, the communal, and the futuristic, making Saturn’s transits here especially exciting for youth movements — think the fall of the Iron Curtain and the resurgence of Black Lives Matter,” says NYLON astrologer David Odyssey.

Saturn’s energy becomes more apparent

Saturn loves a few things: rules, restrictions, hard work, boundaries, structures focus, etc. Fun right? When Saturn retrogrades, the apparent slowing of the planet asks us to do the same. Have you done “the work” necessary to mature? Is what you’re working toward built to last? Take a look at where Saturn falls in your birth chart to further understand the themes that may become clearer over the next few months.

How to learn from Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

As mentioned, Saturn loves hard work and is eager to reward those who are willing to be diligent. It’s also the best way to spend Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius. Focus on your goals within the “greater good,” and figure out what hasn’t been working.

“If you’re clinging to the significance of your personal brand in the wake of all this change, you’re in for a ride,” notes Odyssey. “Surrender your ambitions of personal glory to a bigger mosaic, otherwise you’ll watch your ego identity go the way of MySpace.”

Once Saturn stations direct on October 22, it’ll finish out its journey in Aquarius before sliding into Pisces, the planet of no boundaries, on March 7. Take the next few months to take stock of everything you’ve learned throughout Saturn’s time in Aquarius, and remember that the planet is here to help — as long as you’re willing to get your hands dirty.