6 Shows To Binge Once You've Finished The White Lotus

Here's what to watch when you want to mock the rich!

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The White Lotus is setting its sights on a new location. The breakout HBO hit created by Mike White, about the lives of a group of uber-rich people vacationing at luxurious resorts, and the people who work there, has provided some much-needed escapism since its premiere, culminating in multiple polarizing Sunday evenings.

Luckily, there will be a Season 3, which is rumored to be set somewhere in Asia. While plot details and new cast members remain under wraps, we’ve got you covered with six shows to dive into that can help you fill that salacious, eerie, vapid hole left in your heart now that all the guests have checked out.

Succession (HBO Max)


One of the most obvious, but nonetheless appropriate, White Lotus comparisons is *cue theme song* Succession, the ultimate show about horrible rich people and the tacky decisions they make. There’s so much to love: The endless supply of unnecessary, lavish modes of transportation the Roys take (a helicopter to play a game of softball?!), Kendall’s deep delusion that he can be cool by performing elaborate raps, how much Shiv hates Tom, and do we even need to mention Roman and Gerry? We are eagerly awaiting Season 3 with meme-ready Twitter thumbs poised.

Enlightened (HBO Max)


This 2011-2013 phenomenal sleeper hit is getting a boost thanks to comparisons to The White Lotus. Also created by Mike White, who is most importantly Ned Schneebly from School of Rock, the show stars Laura Dern, who literally never stops working, and Luke Wilson. The dark comedy is about a corporate big-shot who has a spiritual awakening after going to rehab following some life-spiraling decisions — because who doesn’t love to see Laura Dern absolutely lose it?

Big Little Lies (HBO Max)


Again, cue some Michael Kiwanuka and guzzle a glass of pinot gris. Big Little Lies isn’t only about the emotional entanglements of rich people, it’s also a whodunnit set in a picturesque beach locale like The White Lotus — but the kind of whodunnit where murder comes second to the emotional entanglements of rich people, because, everything does. Big Little Lies, like The White Lotus, was also so popular that the network announced a second season before the close of the show’s first.

The Undoing (HBO Max)


Warning: Do not start this show unless you have eight to 10 hours of uninterrupted time because once you get on this roller coaster, it’s impossible to extricate yourself. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant play rich Upper East Siders — to give you an idea of their lifestyle, Nicole Kidman’s dad, played by Donald Sutherland, hangs out at the Frick every day — who find themselves at the center of a murder trial. Every episode gives you more questions than answers, but Kidman rocks some very fabulous long coats as she power-walks through Central Park.

The Flight Attendant (HBO Max)


Kaley Cuoco is delightfully self-effacing as an alcoholic flight attendant who wakes up after a one-night stand to find a dead body in her bed — every girl’s nightmare! She then has to solve the mystery of what happened in order to clear her own name in this dark comedy-thriller HBO series that is extremely binge-able and fun.

Flack (Amazon Prime)

Amazon Prime

Flack is a deep dive into the seedy world of a no-boundaries London PR firm that protects the reputations of its celebrity clients at all costs. True Blood’s Anna Paquin stars as the possibly sociopathic boss whose own life spins out of control as she negates self-care to take care of the reputations of the rich and famous. Severe refusal to engage in work-life balance and the salacious lives of the uber-rich and famous? What more could we want?

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