Photo by Louie Banks.


Brooke Candy Seeks “Happy Days” In New Video

pills, six packs, therapy, and glam

These days, the doesn’t seem to be a problem some pill can’t fix. Well, “fix” might be putting it lightly. There isn’t a problem a pill can’t subdue for a certain amount of time.

Brooke Candy’s latest visual feast explores the various ways in which we deal with our day-to-day highs and lows. “Pills to stay up, pills to sleep,” she sings.  “Fill prescription. Therapy.” She ruminates on “six pack[s] of freedom” and “10 pack[s] of pride”—all while serving beauty for the camera. The song, “Happy Days,” employs the same production as Candy’s previous video we premiered back in May, “A Study In Duality.” It’s haunting, hypnotizing, and another stunner under Candy’s diamond-encrusted belt. Of the video, Candy tells us over e-mail that it is “an introduction to a (precocious) ‘Brooke Candy’ in [a] state of innocence before becoming immersed/fragmented in increasingly surreal and uninhibited states of consciousness, as ‘she’ progresses through the disorienting trajectory of fame.” A study in life’s duality, if ever there was one. No wonder she uses the track’s production. 

Aren’t we just a smile away from happy days? Indeed, we are.

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