How To Become A Barbie Girl IRL

“come on barbie, let’s go party.”

Despite the major heat that Barbie's come under lately, we can't help but remember how much the Mattel posterchild positively influenced our adolescent years. For us, it wasn't about her blonde hair or her pink shrunken tees (although we were, and still are, pretty envious of those)—it was more about the fact, that through a miniature game of make-believe, we could play out our greatest hopes and desires: ace medical school, hang out at the mall with friends, rock out in front of a sold-out crowd, drive around Malibu, and even take a quick trip to space. That's why we look to Barbie as a source of inspiration and strength. And it appears we're not the only ones.

Like Jeremy Scott's latest Moschino collection and Forever 21's Barbie line, L.A.-based label Wildfox has taken inspiration from the icon. Featuring more graphic oversized tees, bubblegum pink crops, ruffled bikinis, fuzzy sweaters, and pastel skater skirts than could fit in her Malibu Dream House closet, their resort collection makes it easy to channel the doll every day.

“To dress like a Wildfox Barbie, you will need to think early '90s/late '80s," says Wildfox Creative Director Kimberley Gordon. "It’s all about long, brushed hair, white high tops with leg warmers, cut off or oversized tees with acid washed jeans for daytime, and bodycon dresses with cute puff jackets for evening—just like Barbie wore. And definitely incorporate a common pink color theme throughout each look.”

Check out the gallery to see exactly how to style the collection and jam out to the super cute campaign video below.

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