Is Apple Getting Rid Of The Rose Gold iPhone, Or Nah?

iPhone H8

Apple giveth and Apple taketh away. The era of rose gold iPhones is allegedly coming to an end.

Tech YouTuber Danny Winget claims that he has dummy models of the iPhone 8/iPhone X/iPhone Edition (there's no clear name yet) that "look to be what we're going to get." He says that all the rumors and leaks have been leading up to these models. While some rumors allege there will be five colorways, Winget says there will be three (something that others have claimed too). According to him, there's black, silver, and a coppery bronze—a hue Winget believes may be replacing the Instagram-friendly rose gold colorway.

Winget describes the white bezzled treatment as "hideous" and praises the classic black model's uniformity that seamlessly blends the new front-facing cameras and speakers into one solid surface. (There is, as it has been rumored, no home button.) The darker color is a stark contrast from the rose gold one, which was introduced to the market in 2015. It has since become a favorite among the fashion crowd and helped keep the millennial pink trend in motion. Copper is a decidedly more polarizing color, but not terribly surprising considering the continual rise of Yeezy-inspired street style (browns, tans, khakis, and olives). 

Apple did, however, just introduce the rose gold color to its MacBook line. So there's hope, dear ones pining for the "rosé all day" lifestyle. Stay tuned because Apple's annual September conference is just around the corner.