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Now You Can Smooch Justin Bieber With The Help Of This Clever Little Website

Pucker Up

by daniel barna

It wasn’t too long ago, that the mere thought of getting a kiss from Justin Bieber would inspire the same reaction as one in a toddler when faced with a spoonful of creamed spinach: Yuck. But that was the JB of yesteryear, when the entitled brat who peed anywhere except a toilet, wreaked havoc on the psyche of all us reasonable human beings.

Today's Bieber however, is a smoldering pop star whose past misgivings have been buried under the specter of his chart-topping, critically acclaimed comeback album Purpose. In other words, kissing Justin Bieber is suddenly cool again. 

Unfortunately, unless you're a burgeoning supermodel or a hot young pop star, you have a better chance of getting Donald Trump to remove his wig, than you do of locking lips with the Biebs. That's where BRAVO comes in. The design studio has created a website that allows you to at least give the impression that you and Bieber shared an intimate moment. Just go to, enter your name, plug in a selfie, and voila, you and one of the biggest pop stars in the world will have shared an intimate moment together. At least according to the Internet.

And really, if it's on the Internet, it happened IRL, right? Right.

Watch a video of in action, below.