Kendall Jenner Is Your Lingerie-Clad, Pyromaniac Yule Log

the best ‘sexy forest fire’ costume ever

So, we went ahead and said that Justin Bieber’s Yule log was the sexiest Yule log. This may indeed still be the case. Nonetheless, LOVE magazine and Kendall Jenner are giving Beebs a run for his money today.

Perfectly timed for Christmas Eve, LOVE’s latest entry in their truly epic video holiday advent calendar features the Kardashian clan satellite in what may very well be her sexiest public appearance, ever. Romping around in her unmentionables and a beautiful black coat, she’s so hot she burns down an entire forest. Okay, that's a blue-screened forest, but still. It’s pretty much the opposite of her sexy Left Shark appearance for LOVE earlier this month, but is nonetheless on tone for the season. Fair warning, it's super male gaze (but still fun).

As you’ll see above, fire gives way to snow in the the video by James Lima, which means a bit of a costume change for Jenner (props to fashion editor Katie Grand and stylist Ryan Hastings on these dark, glam looks, by the way.) Now we just have to figure out a way to loop this video for about five hours and we’ve got the slightly evil streaming Yule log we needed. Can someone get on that?

Oh, and we can’t wait to see what LOVE is going to gift us in tomorrow’s entry. Make sure you check in here.