St. Vincent’s Blissfully Hypnotic Song With Cara Delevingne Is Here

A “Pill” for your listening pleasure

Jimmy Eat World said it best on their 2001 song "Bleed American": "I'm not crazy 'cause I take the right pills." Indeed, the right pressed-powder concoction can transform you and take you to new highs and new lows. Look no further than St. Vincent's blissfully hypnotic rumination, "Pills," for both sides of that coin.

The song's gargantuan, dizzying chorus outlines all the uses pills have, like to sleep, to eat, to fuck, to wake, and to pour down the kitchen sink. Fun fact: Cara Delevingne, St. Vincent's ex, actually takes the mic on the chorus, only you wouldn't know by looking at the song's credits because the moniker Kid Monkey is listed. (St. Vincent's New Yorker profile revealed that was done evade the British gossip press.)

"Pills" is yet another song off of St. Vincent's forthcoming MASSEDUCTION album, which promises color and pop tendencies, unlike anything you've heard. The album's first two pre-release songs, "New York" and "Los Ageless," highlight the project's versatility and vibrancy. This track just so happens to mash a bevy of styles together into an intoxicating cocktail for your aural pleasure. (Shout-out to Jack Antonoff who co-produced it!) It's disorienting and comes to a strung-out head before crashing down into a quasi-battle cry. Or is it some sublime pill-assisted dreamworld? Who's to say. All we know is we're going to pop another dose of this song again, and again, and... again.

MASSEDUCTION drops October 13 via Loma Vista Recordings.