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7 Black Nail Ideas To Suit Every (Dark) Mood

Seven chic ways to elevate basic black.

With cooler weather on the horizon, it’s about time to get your winter fashion and beauty overhaul underway. This is the time to pull the sweaters out of storage, remember where you stashed your warmest boots, and also to swap out your summertime nail colors for moodier, richer shades that are annual fall manicure favorites. And even though (if you ask us), a black manicure is timeless and works for every season, there is something that just feels right about having neat black nails in the fall and into spooky season.

It may feel like an overpowering black nail color has to put a damper on creativity and fun nail art, but really there’s no reason not to combine the two. There are more than enough black nail ideas to satisfy your dark, emo heart and your need for novelty, too. After all with goth fashion, makeup, and even gothic weddings currently trending, you’ll probably want to try more than one black manicure this season (and beyond).

From black and white nail designs to black French tips and coffin nails, these are the black nail ideas that will easily elevate your favorite pitch polish. Consider sporting your new black mani with your favorite all-black outfit for maximum goth effect.

Dark Aura Nails

With aura nails trending all throughout this year in pastel and candy-colored shades, black-and-white aura nail art is bound to be everywhere this fall.

Simple Black and White Nails

Giving you the best of both light and dark, adding panels of white to your black manicure will give you a chic, black tie-ready look.

Tattoo Nails

If you’re hardcore at heart and a fan of nail art, a black line art manicure may be for you. This one was a freestyle, letting your nail artist unleash their drawing skills, much like a freehand tattoo.

Chipped Black Nails

Take a leaf out of Olivia Rodrigo’s book and let your basic black mani chip. The result is an effortlessly goth cool-girl look.

Black Chrome Nails

If you’re a fan of chrome nails, why not try using black as a base? It’s a strong contrast to glittery silver and perfect for all your swirly designs.

Black French Tip Nails

Black tips will instantly elevate the classic design, serving an unexpected dark twist on the trending Y2K manicure.

Black Coffin Nails

Use Kourtney Kardashian as your muse and try classic black coffin nails at your next appointment. You can always add colorful designs or interesting textures to create a unique statement on this edgy shape.