Goth Weddings Are The Next Big Bridal Trend

Thanks, Kravis.

At NYLON we always keep a keen eye out for the resurgence of goth and punk trends—we’ve seen their influences pop up time and again in fashion, beauty, and music. However, one place that seemed more resistant to taking a turn on the dark side was the bridal industry. Although an old fashioned idea, the color black was long considered taboo to even wear to a wedding as a guest—let alone for a bride. But as of recent, the interest in goth weddings has been on the rise. This year in particular Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker reignited a new curiosity in unconventional wedding aesthetics with their darkly romantic themed engagement, photoshoots, and two “practice” weddings leading up to their goth glam May 22, 2022 nuptials in Italy.

From the couple’s engagement where Kourtney wore a black manicure to her pre-wedding day ensemble including a short black veil and matching mini dress, it was nonstop anti-bride vibes for Kravis on their journey down the aisle. Now it seems that other couples are following suit. Pinterest has now reported ahead of wedding season that some of the biggest wedding trends for 2022 are expected to be a little darker and moodier. According to their statistics, searches for “dark wedding ideas” increased by a whopping 59x, while searches for “dark lovers aesthetic” increased by 39x, and “goth wedding decorations” increased by 6x.

Dark themed weddings are officially trending and the brides who are so inclined are seeking all of the vampiric details to make their wedding dreams come true. Searches for “black glam nails” increased 50x and “vampire wedding dresses” searches increased 4x. It even touches choices down to the desserts, with searches for “black wedding cakes” increasing by 94%. The idea seems to be merging traditional wedding elements with ones of the gothic persuasion— searches for “black wedding decorations classy” have increased 2x.

And black isn’t the only highly searched for color for dark themed weddings. “Red and black wedding theme” searches increased 4x and “sage green and black wedding” searches increased 3x. No matter what color scheme is chosen by our emo brides and grooms, expect to see more bridesmaids in black “black dress wedding party” searches have increased by 34x.

As Pinterest’s data goes to show, you don’t have to be a Kardashian or a famous tattooed drummer to get in on the gothic wedding trend. It the punk life is for you, you might as well incorporate the themes on your big day. It looks like you won’t be the only one in 2022.