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Florence Pugh Dyed Her Hair Fiery Red

The actress looks almost unrecognizable.

Florence Pugh has been partaking in back-to-back hair transformations this year and her latest one might be the most drastic and exciting one yet. Earlier this year she dip-dyed the ends of her then blonde hair purple, before she dyed her light locks brunette for her forthcoming movie, The Wonder. Then last month, the 25-year-old actress chopped her newly brown hair into a short pixie-mullet cut. Pugh posted the new cropped cut on Instagram with the caption “I did a thing” and #chopchopchop with a scissor emoji.

But yesterday, Pugh debuted yet another hair switch-up, this time opting for an even bolder look. The actress dyed her hair bright red. Posting the new hair color (and what looks like an even shorter new haircut)as an after thought with an outfit photo on Instagram, Pugh captioned the photo: “Just put your jazzy jeans on”. While her black and white striped jeans are the statement piece, and the photo was taken at night leaving Pugh mostly in shadow, it’s her new hair color that’s drawn the internet’s attention.

Fellow red-head Bella Thorne has already approved the new dye job, commenting “This hair” under Pugh’s photo. Stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray even likened the look to Delia Deetz from Beatlejuice.

Red and orange hair has been trending all year, with the likes of It girls like Dua Lipa, Bella, and Gigi Hadid each giving it a temporary spin. While earlier part of the year was marked by more subtle, coppery tones, Pugh’s latest hair transformation suggests that brighter, supernatural red shades may take over for winter. Musician Saweetie recently swapped her previously orange hair for a bold glossy red color that she says was inspired by the Netflix series Squid Game.

With her hair fiery red and shorter than we’ve ever seen it in a swept-back side part, Pugh might need to get creative for her next dramatic hair cut or color change. The only way to go shorter would be a buzzcut, which Pugh could no doubt pull off with aplomb based on her track recored of changing her hair cut and color every month. Now, we’ll just have to wait and see if her red hair lasts longer than her previous brunette color change did.