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Lady Gaga Debuted A New, Highlighter Swirl Hair Look

The singer changed things up for her virtual book tour.

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When it comes to her current beauty routine, Lady Gaga continues to embrace the art of change. Over the last few weeks, Mother Monster has made multiple changes in hair color, debuting a transformation inspired by mermaids, and a MTV VMAs look that took its cue from the sky. She's since unveiled another new hairdo, combining multiple hues for one bright look.

Debuting her color during a Tuesday, September 22, livestream, Lady Gaga showed off aquamarine hair that's tinged with yellow. Pairing the colorful style with red lipstick and matching eyeliner, she wore her hair in a loose, wavy fashion.

The color appears to keep much of the yellow shading near the front of her head, and the color also seems to be joined by some platinum blonde shading. The rest of her head is covered in a vibrant blue-green, which is reminiscent of the ocean-blue hue she wore near the end of August.

There's no word from Gaga on whether mermaids inspired this latest change, but some fans are predicting the singer will return to an all-yellow color. Others theorized that the choice of hair color might have something to do with her next single, as the coloring was also prominent in a recent Billboard article.

With nothing yet confirmed, fans will have to keep a close eye on Lady Gaga's tresses for now. However, if her past looks are any indication, it's likely that her hair is full of possible musical secrets.

Check out the new color via PopCrave and screencaps shared by fans.

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