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Miley Cyrus Added A ‘90s-Inspired Accessory To Her Choppiest Hair Yet

Her latest look featured red lips and glitter.

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Miley Cyrus has spent the last few months consistently debuting new hairstyles. The singer has seemingly tried it all, including a Tiger King-inspired mullet and a haircut that was given courtesy of her mom. After showing up to the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards with glam inspired by a much earlier Cyrus era, the singer is trying another new look, incorporating a scrunchie into one of her choppiest styles yet.

While you were likely sleeping on Monday night, Cyrus debuted a routine centered around an edgy updo. Posing for some Instagram Story selfies, the "Midnight Sky" singer showed fans her newest hairstyle. The look kept her wispy bangs out, but some of her hair, she pulled into an updo, tying it up with a bright red scrunchie. Some pieces she kept out of the updo, which resulted in a look that was edgy, but still fun.

Playing off the hairstyle, Cyrus added a coating of bright red coloring to her lips, and she also swathed her eyelids in golden glitter. In one image, she looked downward, resulting in a photo that captured the full extent of her shimmer-filled routine. Holding her phone, you could also see her classic black nail polish.

The routine was a play off the recent '80s-inspired vibes of her "Midnight Sky" video, which also featured glitter, red lipstick, and lots of color. Prior to the video's release, Cyrus had gone through a series of hair changes, and at one point, she had attempted to cut her own bangs. The results didn't go exactly as planned, though, and she later turned to professional Zoom help for her pixie mullet.

Courtesy of Miley Cyrus Instagram
Courtesy of Miley Cyrus Instagram

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