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How To Make Tennis Your Whole Personality (Without Ever Playing)

Serve all season long.

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If you have access to the internet, you already know that Zendaya is starring in the new movie Challengers, in which she plays a tennis prodigy turned cutthroat coach following a career-ending injury. (And as if that’s not enough juice, the movie’s trailer reveals she also becomes the fulcrum of an intense love triangle along the way.)

The Luca Guadagnino-directed film finally comes out on April 26, but for weeks leading up the release, we’ve seen Zendaya committing to the bit on the red carpet with tennis-inspired looks put together by her longtime stylist and creative collaborator Law Roach. And between the crisp white separates, tennis-ball-yellow accents, and kitschy racket motifs, we can’t help but feel inspired by the star’s method dressing — even if some of us will never be persuaded to play a single match. Below, below we’ve rounded up 10 tennis-themed beauty and fashion items to add a sporty spin to your look this season, whether or not you ever plan on stepping onto a court.

Tennis Sweater
No! Jeans

You don’t need to subscribe to the rules of The Official Preppy Handbook to try out tennis-themed dressing. This playful No! Jeans sweater stays on trend but breaks the mold with cartoonish appliqués and oversized buttons.