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The “Monica” is Coming to Dethrone the “Rachel” As TikTok’s Favorite '90s Haircut

A shorter and easier style for summer.

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Last year, it seemed everyone on TikTok was getting the “Rachel” haircut popularized by Jennifer Aniston on Friends in droves we hadn’t seen since the 1990s. The flirty style, cut just above your shoulders with layers and a kicky blowout with curled ends started to reign supreme once again. While the trend is still circulating in 2022, alongside other throwback Y2K era hair trends, this month, the internet has decided it is time for another Friends favorite to shine— Monica. For a huge portion of the series, Monica rocked a short, bixie (a combination of a pixie and bob) haircut that she’d tuck behind her ears when cooking or taking part in her usual lovable shenanigans. As summer 2022 brings shorter styles into the trend cycle, TikTok has decided this exact style is the way to go this year.

“I'm one teeny tiny inconvenience away from getting a '90s bixie haircut," one TikTok creator wrote on a now-viral video. Another called it the “best decision” they’ve ever made. Amongst the array of inspiration videos, several ’90s icons pop up time and time again, including Drew Barrymore, Keira Knightley, and Winona Ryder. However, Netflix’s Squid Game star HoYeon Jung was also used as a modern reference, with her hair and makeup going viral after the show’s first release last year.

While ultra-long, sleek, straight hair is trending this season (as seen on Selena Gomez), so too are shorter, more textured styles. Mullets and shaggy cuts have been popular for years, with the likes of hair renegade Miley Cyrus jumping on board. It’s clear people are looking to inject that effortlessly messy vibe into their style and are gravitating to shorter haircuts as an option. Celebrities like Florence Pugh have already jumped on the shorter hair trend, getting a bixie cut at the end of last year.

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DIY bixie haircut tutorials do exist all over the internet but those looking to opt for the shorter style should take a trip to a professional hairdresser, as there are a variety of length, layer, and curtain fringe variations to discuss. Ultimately, those looking for a sign to cut their hair for summer 2022 have just gotten one directly from TikTok as creators are loving their fresh, shorter hair looks. Thank you, Monica!

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