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This New Viral Concealer Tutorial Gives You “Flawless” Under Eyes

Brought to you by TikTok.

Aside from being a place for all your favorite dance videos and bizarre new challenges, in recent years TikTok has become to go-to app for learning beauty tricks. From blush hacks that have you “glowing from within” to a transfer-proof lip liner tutorial, creators on the app are constantly inventing and sharing new ways to improve your skincare and makeup routines or try innovative new beauty ideas. That’s why it’s little surprise that the latest way to stop your under eye concealer from creasing has been discovered from a viral TikTok video — solving one of the most annoying makeup problems.

Beauty blogger Sarah Galyean posted the video to her 150 thousand followers at the end of last month as a response to a comment saying her under eyes are “flawless.” "There's not a lot that I have figured out in this life, but the one thing that I have a grip on is how to conceal my under eyes," she says at the start of the video. With over 183 thousand likes and counting, the video has blown the minds of many commenters. “I will now be using this technique to cover up all the dark spots in my life, both on my face and otherwise,” said one.

Sarah starts by using the now discontinued e.l.f. Prep & Hydrate Balm under her eyes, saying that she only uses it there because the rest of her face is oily. She then uses a small amount of pink L.A. Girl HD Pro.Conceal as a color corrector, adding that you should use your fingers to blend this look. Sarah applies the corrector to her fingertips and warms it up, tapping it into the dark spots. "Use the tools that God gave you,” she says. "Tap it out. You should look crazy.” From there, Sarah applies her skin tone matching concealer using the same method before adding lavender powder from Jacyln Cosmetics for extra brightness , then she “permits” viewers to use their beauty sponge after this stage to blend the layers together.

Commenters are already scrambling to find the products Sarah used in the comments, and asking questions for clarification. Sarah has since replied saying she does this process after applying foundation, and giving two alternatives to the e.l.f. Prep & Hydrate Balm, including the Line-Blurring Wrinkle Filler by City Beauty — she says it’s “worth” the high price — and the more affordable Pacifica Dreamlit Under Eye Brightener.