People Are Using TikTok’s Eyeliner Filter To Help Draw A Perfect Wing

New makeup hack unlocked.

In the world of makeup, there’s perhaps no more important skill to master than the perfect winged eyeliner. With bold black eyeliner trending (hello, Julia Fox), this is true now more than ever. It seems every day there’s a new hack, from stickers, to tracing under eye patches, to using tape in extreme ways. TikTok keeps on giving and giving. Now, the tools for hacking the perfect liquid line have gone digital, too. Users on TikTok using the new winged eyeliner filter to do their makeup—that’s right, on top of the filter.

The new filter reflects the currently trending winged eyeliner look which includes both a bold outer wing and and extended line drawn in the inner corner of the eyes à la Maddy on Euphoria. It’s already inspiring those on the app to train themselves to learn how to achieve the look. “Catch me sitting in front of the mirror for hours tryna do this eyeliner tomorrow oh my,” wrote one user.

From punk eyeliner, guyliner, and even neon eyeliner, 2022 seems to be all about amped up eyes and our handy social media filters are catching up. It’s also one of the first times the filter itself has become a real life makeup tutorial and this stencil is giving people shockingly good results. As a makeup look (and filter) that is generally considered to work on every face, we can see why people want to recreate the look.

We’re loving this filter and hack crossover but rest assured, no matter how easy the eyeliner method, practice still makes perfect. In the meantime, it never hurts to employ an easy-to-use felt or brush tip eyeliner pen and have a pointed Q-tip at the ready.