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5 Different Ways to Bedazzle Your Face For the Holidays

Bejewelled inspiration.

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen face jewels, rhinestones, and pearls completely light up the beauty trend cycle. First, it was HBO’s Euphoria effect, created my makeup artist Doniella Davy who envisioned the show’s teens going to high school classes and homecoming wearing elaborate rhinestone and glitter designs that inspired everyone else to step up their sparkle game. Teens (and non-teens) all over began to stick gems around their eyes and experiment with colorful eyeshadow. Then, face bedazzling hit the high-fashion red carpet full force at this year’s Met Gala with Storm Reid, Amanda Gorman, Maisie Williams, and Ella Emhoff all partaking in the trend. Even fashion renegade Machine Gun Kelly covered his face in pearls for the 2021 VMAs, proving there are even more creative ways to wear face gems and jewels.

While the craft store can always be your go-to for finding rhinestones and glitter of all kinds, rising beauty brands like Simihaze are stepping up to the glimmering makeup demand by releasing their own stick-and-peel gem packs. Now, it’s never been easier to wear face jewels. What was once seen only fitting for a costume or a festival has trickled down to festive party makeup or even everyday makeup for the slightly more daring. If you’re feeling inspired by the bejeweled celebrity faces all over your social media feeds, here are five ways treat your face like an art project (in the best possible way).

Twinkling Cat Eyes

Eyes are the obvious choice when it comes to where to place your face jewels. The clearest choice may be to use rhinestones in place of liquid liner, or you can up the ante. Take a note from Doniella Davy makeup artistry school and upgrade your winged eyeshadow with a crystal cut crease or outlining bold eye shadow.

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Bullion Brows

You’ve heard of bleached brows but what about bedazzled brows? We love Sydney Sweeney’s under-eyebrow silver gems for the LA County Museum of Art gala, created by makeup artist Melissa Hernandez. For an easier take on the look, brands like TooD Beauty and About-Face have created products perfect for glamming up your eyebrows.

Bedazzled Nose-Bridge

Nose adornment has been huge this year (hello Hunter Schafer’s Met Gala look) and jewels are a natural extension. Try adding stick-on rhinestones (or pearls) to the bridge of your nose to accentuate an unexpected area that’s sure to draw attention.

Alien Freckles

This year, we’ve seen a rise in directional bejeweled face art as a way to instantly elevate a runway or red carpet look (Amanda Gordon did it at the Met Gala this year after all). Whether you go vertically down your face or across it, it doesn't matter. Just pick a direction and start sticking– it feels both organic and out-of-this-world.

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Crystal Constellations

Why should the eyes and nose get all of the glam? Face jewels work just as well accentuating the outer-most edges of your face. MGK made waves wearing clusters of pearls on the edge of his cheek and jawline at the MTV VMAs and, more recently, artist Griff had a jeweled hairline for this year’s Fashion Awards. Needless to say, we expect to see this trending all through 2022.

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