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Britney Spears Quotes Selena Gomez, Says She's Taking Social Media Break

“The world can be a nasty place.”

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Britney Spears, understandably, is taking a break from social media. In an Instagram post on Monday, the singer said, “In a system where I’ve felt completely hopeless for so long, at least I do have a platform to share,” before concluding that, “Unfortunately the news has been pretty nasty saying horrible and mean lies about me so I’m gonna post a little less from now on.”

She also quoted fellow singer Selena Gomez, writing, “As Selena Gomez says it best - The world can be a nasty place ... I know it ... you know it … kill them with kindness.” The caption was posted along with a soothing video of avocado toast being made. Spears explained that, per her IG bio (“chef in the works”), the video had inspired her to “take on a new passion in the cooking field.” Perhaps a spot on Paris Hilton’s cooking show (or Selena’s?) is in the future.

Until then, we’ll have to wait for more dispatches from Spears’ Instagram to get a glimpse of the embattled pop star’s life. A judge recently denied Spears’ lawyer’s request to move up a hearing removing father Jamie Spears as her conservator. The hearing’s date will remain on September 29; speaking to the court last month, Spears said she wanted to press charges against her father for “conservatorship abuse” and called the situation “f***ing cruelty.”

Spears’ younger sister Jamie Lynn, meanwhile, is not shying away from the gram: over the weekend, she shared an Instagram story that included audio of her crying, while her 3-year-old daughter comforts her. The context-less video is presumably related to the younger Spears’ back-and-forth with her sister — over the past month, Britney called out her family, including Jamie Lynn, for their lack of support over the past 13 years.

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