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Chappell Roan Suffered A Series Of Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunctions At Gov Ball

But she's laughing about it.

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Chappell Roan can be consistently relied on to go all-out with her performances. In her early days, the pop princess was known to perform the entirety of “Red Wine Supernova” while jumping around onstage. And in her unending tribute to drag queens and their costumes, her looks have only gotten bigger and better as she’s grown more famous: more makeup, glitter, lashes, hair, and props.

Her performance at the 2024 Governors Ball was no exception, but as she stepped off the stage, she shared an important update on the festival’s official TikTok account: “My wig almost came off and I had 20 wardrobe malfunctions. But it doesn’t matter because it f*cking rocked,” she said with a giggle.

The “Naked In Manhattan” singer went for a New York-themed suite of looks for her Gov Ball set, during which she also introduced a new song, “Subway.” “I am in drag as the biggest queen of all,” she said in her Lady Liberty costume. Fans later caught the singer hiding in the crowd during Faye Webster’s set, still in green body paint and wearing a hooded sweater that failed to disguise her.

The Midwestern Princess previously told NYLON that the costumes are part of the fun, saying that she loves it when audiences match her sparkly, sequined energy so the show is all around, not just onstage.

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