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It’s Time To Start Rehearsing The Charli XCX & Troye Sivan “Apple” Choreo, Brats

You have until September.

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

In a new Reel shared on her Instagram, Charli XCX gave us a little taste of the choreo for “Apple”with the help of Troye Sivan and photographer Terrence O’Connor.

“Epic choreo moment incoming on sweat tour,” she captioned the video, which we’re going to take as a tutorial for the tour (and many future TikToks) — and if the other brats knew what was good for them, they’d get to work on learning the steps immediately, too.

On Sept. 14, Charli and Sivan will begin their joint SWEAT TOUR with stadium and arena performances through October. The two have long been friends and collaborators, and they seem as eager as fans are to kick off their “21 nights of raves.” In fact, on June 27, Charli joined Sivan on stage at Wembley Arena for a performance of “1999,” then returned to the audience and enjoyed the rest of the concert alongside her new bestie Lorde.

Separately, Sivan and Charli have been keeping their fans fed and happy while promoting their latest projects. Sivan recreated his “One of Your Girls” lap dance with Ross Lynch at Wembley, which was just one of the many hot, viral moments to come from his Something To Give Each Other tour. And what can be said about Charli’s Brat Era that hasn’t already been said? History-making remixes, exhaustive DJ sets, and a glorious reunion with a fellow Tumblr-era legend. We can trust Troye and Charli will have plenty more behind-the-scenes shenanigans to share with the public when their tour officially kicks off.