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Your Favorite Artist’s Favorite Artist... Is Also Emma Stone’s Favorite Artist

Chappell Roan is, apparently, the soundtrack to everyone’s commute.

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Kinds of Kindness cast members Emma Stone and Jesse Plemons joined director Yorgos Lathinmos for a panel discussion at London’s Barbican Centre on June 26, during which the actress was asked about her preferred “hype-up music.” Stone did not miss a beat before confirming she’s been listening to a lot of Chappell Roan lately. “Constantly. Nonstop. I can’t stop,” she responded. “I’m just listening to a ton of Chappell Roan right now on my way to rehearsals.

To echo Roan herself, shout-out to the “random twink who works at Google.” And shout-out to the Barbican’s social team for making sure this essential clip, seen below, made it onto TikTok for all to recognize that their favorite redheaded actress is just as obsessed with their favorite redheaded singer.

Stone has a lot to be hyped up for these days: Not long after nabbing Best Actress at the Academy Awards for her lead performance in Lanthimos’ Poor Things, she’s already promoting her third Lanthimos film — while at work on her fourth collaboration with the director. Their next project Bugonia, out in late 2025, follows “two conspiracy-obsessed young men who kidnap the high-powered CEO of a major company, convinced that she is an alien intent on destroying planet Earth,” according to Deadline. We have to wonder how Roan’s rainbow pop can help Stone embody her next Lanthimos character, but if her past roles are any indication, the results are sure to be both twisted — and highly entertaining.