Celebrities are speaking out in support of Britney Spears.
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Miley Cyrus, Hayley Williams & More Show Support For Britney Spears

"Never has one person been so used and abandoned by every facet around her," Kacey Musgraves wrote.

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The case to end Britney Spears' decade-long conservatorship is ongoing, and has received widespread support from fans of the pop star all across the globe. Now, more celebrities and fellow artists are speaking out on Spears' case, after the airing of the New York Times' new doc, Framing Britney Spears.

The documentary, which first aired on February 5 on FX and Hulu, further delved into details surrounding Spears' conservatorship and legal woes, in addition to charting her stratospheric rise from Mickey Mouse Club member to one of the biggest entertainers in recent history.

"Her rise was a global phenomenon," the Times writes in the film's synopsis. "Her downfall was a cruel national sport. People close to Britney Spears and lawyers tied to her conservatorship now reassess her career as she battles her father in court over who should control her life."

Apparently inspired by the documentary, Miley Cyrus, Hayley Williams, Kacy Musgraves and more shared their support for the embattled pop star over the weekend:

During her pre-Super Bowl performance on Sunday, February 7, Cyrus gave a shoutout to Spears, saying, "we love Britney" while singing "Party In The U.S.A.":

Paramore's Hayley Williams wrote on Twitter of the doc: “Holy fuck. No artist today would have to endure the literal torture that media/society/utter misogynists inflicted upon her. The mental health awareness conversation, culturally, could never be where it is without the awful price she has paid.”

Sarah Jessica Parker simply tweeted, "Free Britney":

Kacey Musgraves shared a note to her Instagram story, writing, "Never has one person been so used and abandoned by every facet around her. My heart goes out to her. She has always been such an inspiration to me my whole kid/teen life. Wish she could get a re-do."

Rico Nasty wrote on Twitter, "Free Britney. Like what the actual fuck are y'all doing to that woman"

Head here a full breakdown of the #FreeBritney movement. Framing Britney Spears is streaming now on Hulu.

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